Vivaldi Review 5.0: The Best Browser That Works on Android

While I expected to love putting tabs on the tablets, I also found that the tabs were very useful for phone screens. All I want to see is the ability to sync my stacks, so I can download the piles from my computer browser directly to my phone. Right now it is not possible. While not necessarily improving Vivaldi’s syncing capabilities, I have found that bookkeeping is a great way to store personal and individual tabs on the phone. It’s a great way to “hide” the tab, so if your kids pick up your phone this time of year, they won’t see the gifts you’re looking for.

Another major upgrade to a mobile phone is one of the newer browser features. Vivaldi’s various panels – which provide access to bookmarks, history, notes, and quick downloads – now look like real side panels, as shown on a computer screen. The caveat is that the panels only look this way if there is space on the screen to display, which means they only appear on computer programs. I tested several Android phones with two Fire tablets, and found that the panels appear on the sides of the main screen on the Fire tablets, while the panels cover the entire screen on the phone, even on the screen.

Support panels come in from the Vivaldi 5 side.

Vivaldi via Scott Gilbertson

Having panels that look like sidewalks makes working with them easier, and breaking things down a bit is the old-fashioned way, which hides the browsing you use here. This is especially useful with notes, which you can view when the page you are looking at appears in the background.

Another new feature that monitors tablet and phone users is a highly customizable tab. It can now be placed on top or under the canvas. You can also add the Close buttons for background images, and choose to display tabs as favicons only, which removes the page title to make it look better. (The last two are included in the Vivaldi arrangement and are suspended randomly, so unlock them.)

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