This new technology cuts an unstable stone into it

Bob Goodfellow has been secretly building and planning for 30 years and now works on the Los Angeles Metro system. Her company Aldea is working with Petra on testing her original systems.

Goodfellow states: “I do not know what I have seen. “There is talk of a nuclear holocaust and unrelated tubes, but it is only speculation. As far as I know, these are the first people trying to do business honestly. “

Petra has been working secretly since 2018. Earlier, Abrams said, the founding team thought plasma could be a great way to cut rock. But the process involved difficulties, including the size of the equipment, how it could transmit plasma, and what to do with the magma pools created by the excavator.

“We just finished melting a lot of rock and forming lava, and when we made the lava, it was supporting our system in its own way,” he says.

Petra CTO and Tesla cofounder Ian Wright joined the company about a year ago to work on the power of lighting plasma lamps but began to move the band away from the plasma-torch path. Wright says he always asked questions about the Boring Company, founded by Elon Musk, but Wright says he never participated in the Boring Company.

Aids use a variety of methods to install electrical or cable cables in secret. In city streets, sawdust is often used with sawdust as it passes through tar or concrete. In sparsely populated areas, dynamite or other volcanoes erupt rocks, or archaeologists break rocks into smaller pieces. Drilling can be done with a traditional drilling head and a mixture of chemicals, and a drilling machine can dig a canal such as. as big as a freeway or as small as a few inches in width.

John Fluharty is a contractor who sets up pipelines for support companies and is a member of PDi2, a company that explores and supports ways to use “secret” and power. He says burying power cables often costs five times as much money as running them on the ground; Laying on solid rock can cost up to 20 times more money than the top lines. But once installed, repair costs are much lower than at lower lines.

Climate change concerns have increased the interest in burying power lines. To achieve US political neutrality by 2050, researchers at Princeton University have determined that the country’s energy corporation should carry 60 percent more electricity, including four times the wind and solar power. Advances in technology that support power cables carrying a lot of electricity It can also help to cope with climate change and improve the performance of wind and solar farms.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. In recent years, power lines have caught fire, including the 2018 Northern California fire that killed 84 people. Pacific Gas & Electric, which has agreed to kill anyone for the blaze, has recently offered to install. 10,000 miles of underground power lines in Central and northern California.

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