The Pfizer vaccine takes a “big hit” from the omicron, but the supplements help

This new strain appears to be better than any other strain virus that has been exposed to the vaccine. “Omicron is the most powerful type of fugitive,” says Şahin.

The good news is that the results were even better among those who received encouragement in the third type of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. In that case, the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine was restored.

Lab results mean rushing for governments to provide an extra dose. In the US, everyone over the age of 18 received an inspiring shot from November 19, but in some countries vaccination remains low.

If the omicron spreads too much, governments and corporations also have to choose to change messenger RNA vaccine like Pfizer’s to look at different colors. Such a vaccine works by blocking the spike-type genes in human cells, thus boosting the immune system.

Because the omicron spike is very different, with more than 30 mutations, a new vaccine with genetic code may work better against them.

BioNTech says it has already developed an omicron vaccine and could change its entire production process by March. Şahin said: “The only thing that changes is the new change,” Şahin says. “We’ll start making it later and decide to change.”

To date, it is still unknown whether a new vaccine is needed or what type of omicron damage.

Even two doses of vaccine can prevent fatalities. This is because the vaccine creates immunity not only through antibodies but also through long-term memory cells, including T cells. Omicron mutations, in most cases, do not fall within the T-controlled BioNTech-controlled T cells.

As a result, Şahin says, two doses of Pfizer can still prevent serious infections, even though it will take a month or two to get better.

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