Elan Voyager Folding Skis Review: Easy to Achieve

Very successful The trick is to carry skis and carry 1.7-meter-tall wooden planks to the mountains without damaging yourself, masks, innocents, your clothes, cars, fellow travelers, or your adornment.

The fact is, most of us do not live near a mountain range. And while the lucky number may be too close to drive one, some of us are forced to choose trains or planes when it comes to repairing the game in the winter. And for sloping riders large enough to avoid rental options, this means running stagnant planks.

The most common is the worldwide hatred of masking, Larry David he has joked to get the answer. But even though his idea of ​​a ski slope “connected like a pool” seemed silly, the 75-year-old Slovenian Elan, who has a knack for skiing under his belt, has gone, very deeply, gone and done amazingly similar things with his innovations. Walking on skis. This is the first world-wide slope game that folds well in the middle when you are not using them.

Now, this is no small feat. Mountain skis, to this day, are one solid wood that will not break because integrity, along with flexibility, is a big part of what makes them work. If you start cutting them in half and gluing them to the highest point in the middle, then all things can get messed up because you are in the middle of the mogul section. None of them should be welcomed.

Luckily, Elan has a shape when it comes to ski making. In 1993, it produced SCX, or “SideCut eXtreme.” Instead of straight to the ground, the SCX skis were narrower and wider at the ends, allowing for a smooth, quick, smooth turn. These easy-to-climb “sculptures” masks were a great hit, and at the same time made great strides in fighting the demise of the sport of slopes on the slopes of the snow where children are attracted. The biggest flaw was that Elan did not have a design patent, so all other brands were free to copy. And, boy, they did.

Know When to Fold ‘Em

Photo: Elan

Determined not to make the same mistake twice, 28 years later, Elan does not have a single license but seven of these innovations. award winner Voyager twist skis. How does it work? The slope is made entirely, then cut in half to ensure proper alignment. Creating “half skis” teams didn’t work, obviously. Then four metal rings are rolled around the center of each ski, making it a very important way to fold in half. The straps, which come together as a ski segment, rest on a carbon-reinforced plastic plate when opened, rotating around to fit the two Voyager straps. This solid carbon-plastic plate is fitted with special clips.

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