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Big Tech Has Become The Biggest. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are facing real threats to their power in our daily lives from all angles: lawsuits, state and federal laws, global events, and people increasingly distrusting these companies and seeking to improve. and fulfillment.

Over the past few years, these companies have grown bigger and stronger, and their business decisions have had a profound effect on our daily lives and the people, from the things we buy and where we buy to the stories and ideas we see on social media. . What was once considered fun and new that changed our lives has become, for some, the worst of the minority. For others, these companies offer services that they use and enjoy. For many, it is probably a combination of both.

Now we see a bipartisan team looking at these four companies to try and develop anti-trust laws. Legislators have introduced several abipartisan bills in the House and the Senate. Attorneys for the Republican and Democratic governments have signed anti-competitive lawsuits and called for funding and support mechanisms. In the meantime, the Federal Trade Commission and the Antitrust Division’s justice department, both under the control of Big Tech’s enemies, have been set up to enforce strict rules: They have Big Tech in their minds. We have not seen such an attempt on the technical side since the United States sued Microsoft for breach of security regulations in 1998 – a lawsuit that led to an increase in the number of companies under review today. Microsoft, meanwhile, has managed to avoid looking this time even though it is the most important one except Apple (depending on the day).

And even though these five companies affect our entire lives in some way – sometimes in ways we do not know, perhaps overwhelmed by the online tools we use all the time – most people do not fully understand what they are getting. is being prosecuted, what restrictions on trust in what or what they do, and why it is not as easy as “disrupting Big Tech” or “letting the market decide.” In each of these five areas, we will address these company disputes, the challenges they face, and how their lives – and our lives – can change if those efforts are successful.

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Apple is the king of high-end phones, tablets, laptops, and watches. It’s also a stand-alone integrated king: It features an iPhone, a smartphone, and an App Store, the only way for outside manufacturers to access their apps on iPhones. Apple also develops its own software. Now, the company is accused of misusing its mobile devices to undermine competition, undermine skills, and raise prices. Apple says it only gives its customers what they want and what they expect.

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Amazon (coming soon)

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Amazon dominates the e-commerce world and has the most profitable arm of cloud computing, but some claim that control has come at a price, paid for by businesses that rely on its Marketplace platform or sell directly on Amazon, warehouses and suppliers, and consumers. . Now, the company is facing antitrust lawsuits and complaints in the US and abroad, as well as threats of laws that would prevent it from favoring its business.

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Google (coming soon)

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Google is highly connected to the internet so it is similar to online search. It oversees global mobile operators, browsers, email providers, search engines, and the digital marketing market. It is alleged that the abuse of power has led to billions of dollars in fines for violating anti-terrorism laws and antitrust lawsuits against almost every U.S. attorney general and the Ministry of Justice.

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Facebook (coming soon)

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Facebook, now known as Meta, is a social media giant. It makes billions out of advertisements we want to copy our data and is accused of embezzling some of these billions to find potential competitors, either to kill them or to use them to secure their sovereignty. Developers now want to break Meta into separate companies, but it will not be easy.

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Microsoft (coming soon)

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Microsoft is one of the most important companies in the world. Its Windows operating systems are the most controllable. It has achieved great things. It is a Big Tech company. However it was left to Big Tech to count, probably because it had its own brand twenty years ago. Microsoft’s past can be a reflection of the future of the Big Tech Four.

mwa Sara Morrison


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