Your Original Fisher-Price Phone Now Works with Bluetooth

I hate answering phone. If you tried to call me a few months ago, I probably would not answer unless you texted me in advance. (What are you, some kind serial killer?) But now I really enjoy picking it up. The first Fisher-Price plastic phone reminds me of a long time I like and look forward to long phone conversations, instead of panicking.

It was a great birthday in the 90s. I remember the era of technology before it was everywhere. I was playing with a box full of Barbies and Bratz dolls in my room. Once in bed, I fell asleep instead of looking at social networking sites. My first phone was a small Tracfone that could send a few text messages within minutes. It was an emergency, not a permanent one in my hands.

I’m not saying I lost all my weapons, but this time I long to remember my childhood. Enter Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone.

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Sweet Dreams Are Made With This

Yes, it is that Chatter Phone. It looks and feels like a toy I had as a child. Its exterior is fully polished and rounded working with eyes moving with its wheels. As advertisers point out, our first “mobile phone” is now a virtual reality cell phone.

Turn it on and say, “Hello there!” But instead of playing games, I can play with cell phones. I have an old phone around, and sometimes I turn it on to meet my needs. But being able to use real-time dialing for someone else — without having to pay a different landline fee — is not something I have ever done before.

When I was in high school and people started getting iPhones, retro-made handsets integrated into the earphone case injection was popularly popular. This Fisher-Price phone brings an idea in this era. (Most phones no longer have a headphone jack, remember?) It connects instantly to the smartphone and Bluetooth, so there are no wires to worry about except the charger. You need to get out of the battery nine hours before the battery saves.

Singing sounds very good, and the singing also works well. I would like the cable and body wiring a little longer, but it is light and flexible so you can just move the whole thing around you while you are chatting. You can also plug it into a speakerphone if you want to move it around, and it still sounds great.

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