Withings ScanWatch Review: Beautiful and Next Strengthening Body Wear

I have tried innumerable smart watches and exercise, and many of them fascinated me at first. But a few took the place of my hand after a re-examination. Everything was thrown away in the dining room at night when I forgot to charge them. Most smart watches feature items I don’t use at all, and gym watchers often seem uncooperative outside of the gym.

The Withings ScanWatch is different. This hybrid watch has unique capabilities: It easily passes through an analog clock; tracks my activities, exercise, and sleep; looks after my health; and provides information starting from my phone. It can also go a full month between fees.

Understated Elegance

Sapphire crystals and stainless steel clocks make for a great combination that gives color. The Withings ScanWatch looks like a traditional clock, with an hour and a minute hand. The round face has two small connectors on the inside. Singing down has one red analog hand that indicates your progress toward your fitness goals for the day, which is rated as a percentage between zero and 100. Singing at the top is not just singing. Click the crown around the side of the ScanWatch and the hands of the minute and the hour sweep to the side like a miniature. OLED matrix display it comes alive to show you the digital time and date. Provide a crown to ensure that different levels of data are displayed on the small screen: your heart rate, counting steps, covered distance, and climbing.

Change from Apple Watch, I found a 42-mm Withings ScanWatch heavy at first. It has chunky lugs (the 38-mm model has a sleek look), but it’s a good time to wear it, with a black fluoroelastomer wristband that has been stronger and more durable to carry lint than the silicone bands I’ve had. already worn. ScanWatch looks and sounds great. High-end designs match any shape or outfit, so I don’t feel the need to take it off when I wear it or go down.

Distilled and Accessible

Photo: Withings

With the highest watches, Withings ScanWatch focuses on health and wellness. There is no NFC pay-per-view, no microphone or audio or audio recordings, and no assistance in playing music. You can turn on incoming notifications from your phone, but I recommend that they dial only calls, because the display is too small for other notifications. When the thicker tape message opens, you can easily pull the phone out of your pocket, read the information, and put it back on.

It was necessary for me to use the device for nine months before reviewing it, but the American release of Withings ScanWatch was delayed when the manufacturer sought approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to detect heartbeats via electrocardiogram. sensor, and measuring blood oxygen levels with a SpO2 sensor. Both Apple Watch 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 provide the same functionality, but with Withings ScanWatch only with FDA approval for blood oxygen screening.

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