6 Best Retro Game Consoles (2021): Evercade, Polymega, Genesis Classic, and more

Whether you are a fast collector or have a pile of old cartridges and discs on a high level, Polymega can boost your interest. Designed as a single retro connector to dominate all of them, these customizable devices have additional NES, SNES, Genesis (Megadrive), or TurboGrafx add-ons that can download start-up and direct cartridges from the machine. The large black Polymega team also plays Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Sega CD, TurboGrafx-CD, and Neo Geo CD. The controller is very similar to the DualShock pad, but each module comes with a specific version of the original gamepad — it also provides a lightweight gun.

Build quality is excellent, and emulate software with interest, and time saves with screen filtering options. I tried the Super section after removing the old one Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country cart, and it has been very interesting to inform my children about these classics. When you start installing a trailer or disc, you get the option to either dive it or put it in the internal storage (it has 32 GB out of the box, but you can upgrade it with an SD card or SSD), which is great for lovers. who want to keep their collections. The carousel menu is visually appealing with box art, visual effects, and descriptions of each game. The living space under the TV is very important, so switching multiple systems with a single box is fun. It comes with a number of anonymous pre-installed names, but it only makes sense for players with major libraries to play right now.

Developers Playmaji had a hard time recognizing this contract, and plans have a “first half of 2022” shipping date. The content here is impressive, and there is a section of the N64 coming up. If Playmaji can find a way to offer its library of old titles to buy and download, this may be the last retro repository, but it is not cheap.

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