Why Do People Make — And Watch — 5-hour iCarly Video Clips?

First and foremost 24-year-old video for Midwesterner Quinton Hoover uploaded to his YouTube channel in 2013 was one minute and 48 seconds long; his next delivery took only nine seconds. Eight years later, the latest Hoover movie, released on November 8, is the culmination of a noughties Nickelodeon sitcom. The winner– runs, in total, for five hours, 34 minutes, and 59 seconds.

Who in the world wants to sit and watch an adult talk for about six hours about a children’s TV program that lasted less than three years? Deceptive question, simple answer: 1.5 million people. Hoover is The winner the video is only 23 minutes shorter than the first two Master of the ring movies together; is five hours and 22 minutes longer than the many videos posted on the popular YouTube channel. In it, Hoover repeats each part of the show via voiceover, playing with them The winner Happy Meal toys, combined with a hair extension and a plastic brush, and set the blazer to look at the microphone if the display is “metaverse.” It was a tragedy that somehow became an eye-opener, but questions remain. What really irritates someone for making a five-year pop culture film — and what inspires millions more to watch?

Hoover’s film was not his first to take part in a series of high-profile events. In June, it attracted 1.9 million viewers with “iBinged iCarly,” a four-hour, 45-minute video for another Nickelodeon show. Naturally, it was only the first part. Second Hoover iCarly The analysis was conducted for 3 hours and 35 minutes, attracting millions of viewers. That’s over eight hours iCarly content. “People just call them movie stories – I don’t like the words, I think they’re arrogant,” Hoover says. “I want to start calling it a distraction, because it’s funny for so many reasons. I think it’s best to sing for five hours. The winner to perish. ”

Hoover is not the only designer who makes such “breakdowns”, but before we get into that, let’s take a look at history. In 2012, the Pew Research Center found that “the average length of YouTube’s most popular movies was two minutes and one second.” In 2019, when scholar and journalist Julia Alexander wrote “YouTube Movies Too Long, ”Mentioned videos that lasted 20, 30, and 60 minutes. Today, few people would say that a half-hour YouTube video is” long. ” That same month Hoover dropped his The winner video, the inspiring YouTube box fed me one-hour analysis, 52 minutes of youth drama Pretty Little Liars (“part 1” of course) and a an hour, 42-minute video on Disney’s FastPass history system. In addition, the video has over 3 million views.

This seems to have started off fast in January 2021, when a YouTuber called Action Button launched five hours, repetition of 56 minutes about a series of video games Tokimeki Memorial, though he did not get a million views. Later that month, YouTuber Jenny Nicholson released a two-hour, 33-minute video on a spiritual drama. The Vampire Diaries and received about 6 million views. Nicholson, a 30-year-old girl who lives in Los Angeles, says: “It is a video I watch very much. “I did not expect it to work as well as it did.”

Nicholson’s first film, released in 2011, was just over a minute away. Over the years, he rode slowly, until he released his first half-hour (almost.) Movie Great Show) in 2018. More, YouTube videos started regularly for more than 10 minutes about 2016, when the algorithm platform appeared began to prioritize “Time to watch” on the show, which led to YouTube’s largest producer at the time, PewDiePie lamented: “If you want to stay on YouTube these days, just make longer videos, play any kind of motion, genre, this is not, thank you.” In the past, movies had to hit 10 minutes to qualify for intermediate advertising; short videos can be the first and last ad. When a movie has a lot of advertising, the producer can make a lot of money.

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