Harley-Davidson seri 1 Rush / Cty Comment: Ho-Hum Ebike

Harley-Davidson — that example of red, white, and blue that fits somewhere between baseball and apple pie in many American color-coded films — they started with connecting a bicycle engine in 1903. Their first model was the Serial Model One. So when it comes to releasing a new version of ebikes, what other bike can be mentioned but Serial 1?

I was looking forward to riding a bike with Harley swagger. It can be a difficult ride, a stress, I think, or a bike that looks very good. Other than that, Harley has developed a number of sports motorcycles, in particular Football player and Buell-in the past. But instead of being a fun, playful bike, Harley designed a bright SUV instead. Instead of a cruiser, Series 1 is a Harley version of the Honda CR-V.

It’s Work Time

Photo: Series 1

The elevator is straightforward and the whole business. This bike is for buying a smart grocery store, not a corner cartoon. But you may be able to see this from the integrated barriers as well as the front and back of the cargo hold. The locks are on the small side, but still able to carry paner bags, and the locks did a good job of protecting me from street smoke.

There is an LED headlight in the head tube under the rod, which is a nice but versatile touch, though not every ebike comes with one. There are also two taillamps integrated into the rear frame. They look cool, but they sit very low. The rear lights of the bike should be high enough for cars to see easily. Down there, it’s easy for drivers and other riders to miss out on two small LED lights.

Other notable features are hydraulic disc brakes and a small storage compartment under a tube built to hold the Abus Bordo lock. It’s a good touch, even the locks are mine unpopular type of bike lock.


Photo: Series 1

My light source was Rush / Cty, a class 2 ebike no right noise and its electric car cuts at a speed of 20 miles per hour. It uses the Gates Carbon Belt Drive system. Rubber belts are better than metal chains. For one thing, they are smooth and quiet. There is a small amount of impact and vibration that spreads to your feet, and it is impossible to get down as you climb. Also, you do not need to lubricate the rubber belt, so you can not make a pant leg in black oil, as you would with a chain.

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