NSO Group Spyware Hits Nearly 9 Phones in US State department

Israeli Spyware developer NSO Group met increase legal compulsion it is a conflict when its weapons hacking continue to exist persecution by oppressive governments and compliance with international law. Apple has now informed many iPhone users, including at least nine employees of the United States State Department, that their devices have been hacked in recent months by unidentified thieves with NSO weapons.

Sources told Reuters, which initial report news, that affected US officials were working in Uganda or on national affairs. Ugandan political officials also appeared direct campaigns. Attacks using NSO’s Pegasus spy software, which works on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system and Google’s Android OS, have been taking place. has been found for years. When installed on a device, Pegasus can track the location of the user, turn on their microphone, steal data, and more.

A recent example of its brutality underscores the precision that human rights activists and human rights activists have long warned: that the NSO does not have enough controls to reduce its customers’ use of the powerful weapons they sell. And that the company repeatedly asserts the opposite, plus that its spy software cannot be used on devices registered with a US, empty phone number.

“Once the software is sold to a licensed customer, the NSO has no way of knowing who the customer is, and therefore, we were not and would not have known about the matter,” said NSO Group spokesman Liron Bruck. in his remarks, I add that the company “decided to immediately terminate the eligible customers to enter the system.” The statement went on to say that there was “no indication that NSO weapons were used in this case.”

What they say is a legitimate denial is common in the NSO Group. In July interview and Forbes, CEO of Shalev Hulio likened his company to a car manufacturer that sells cars to someone who later drives drunk. But powerful spy programs used by governments are far from the car, and NSO critics say the company has not done enough to end the inevitable violence that its businesses call for.

“As long as the NSO’s claims to reduce its customer compliance were reliable, this shows that the security of the NSO’s assets was insufficient,” said Jake Williams, an NSA spokesman and robber. This was obvious. Once governments have the power to sell them to them by the NSO and have unfulfilled intelligence requirements, we should expect them to use whatever tools they have. ”

A secure WhatsApp messaging app, owned by Facebook parent company Meta, registered the NSO Group in 2019 after his weapons were mentioned he loved to break up thousands of people using the service. Apple entered the competition his suit last week. And in early November, the U.S. Department of Commerce approved the NSO Group for its misuse of Pegasus spy software.

“You have to wonder if the attack on the State Department is the reason why the NSO was received,” Williams said.

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