Spotify 2021 Caps Packed For Fun Time

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Earlier this week, New Yorker author Amanda Petrusich wrote the piece on his favorite albums of 2021. The selection was beautiful and thoughtful, but their performance was impressive. Last year, Petrusich added, he realized “separating the idea of ​​listening to and using music called songs … I found myself attracted to songs that were original, romantic, free – songs that really sounded good. for the earth and not the thought of it. ” My opinion is that he is not the only one.

This idea comes mainly because this week also marked the launch of 2021 Spotify Closed. The annual release of the tool, which allows Spotify users to access the most played music statistics, has become an online sacred day or, as. one tweeter posted, “Christmas for homosexuals and Twitter Met Gala.” The way to express yourself, to post pictures of your Spotify Wrapped, then, has become a way to express your musical preferences and all. #moods. (Have you heard much about Taylor Swift? You’m not alone.)

As in previous years, Spotify’s data release included a list of the most followed artists around the world; and as in previous years, the 2021 data included Bad Bunny and Drake. In contrast to previous years, or at least 2020 years, the results also provided some stressful, sometimes dramatic ones throughout the psyche.

On the plus side, we have tweets like this, which pointed to a Spotify Wrapped comment that mentions the most popular person sea ​​chantey listening sessions as “frustrating.” On the downside, there are also a lot of tweets that show the amount of frustrating music that people played last year. Sure, maybe people were – obviously – listening to a lot of Justin Beiber and Doja Cat, but they were listening to a lot of maudlin emo and so on moody offerings. “You can hide your feelings from friends, doctors, and even yourself,” wrote Emery Lord. “But you can’t hide from Spotify.” Singer Dodie tweeted, “Spotify Wrapped [you] boys and gay / sad. “Another user he set it clearly: “I love Spotify Wrapped because I can only remember how depressed I was from January to October.”

For others (e.g., a few people in my group chat with Slack work), The cover was a deep reflection of other hobbies – the show music, Tenacious D, something known as the “Midwest emo” – took place in 2021. Many tracks, such as Petrusich he explained in his piece, the use of music has changed in the last two years. People listen a lot but get little. It was easy to stick to what was well known, or, in Depeche Mode’s words, just enjoy the silence. Audiences did not jump for long on the beach music in 2021 because there were no new pop, rock, or hip-hop music to the detriment – they did this because it was a comforting, momentous connection from fellow travelers who were also. once stay away.

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