Jack Dorsey’s Square Now With Block

By Jack Dorsey no lover Mark Zuckerberg. He once said Rolling Stoneand that at dinner for Chez Zuck, Facebook CEO and he served him a goat he killed, and the flesh cooled. Soon, he he laughed of Zuckerberg’s metaverse aspirations. However, unknowingly, today the CEO of Square has found himself going the same way for the media mogul himself. changed the name of Facebook to Meta five weeks ago.

Square now is Block. I heard? Block.

As Meta retained Facebook’s name on its major retailers, Block will continue to use Square for its “retail” business, which also includes payment methods and banking items for retailers. The new name, which is in effect today – a commemoration of 12th Square – marks the company’s business growth, which now includes a personal payment Cash App, Tidal music service, and an open crypto calling platform. TBD54566975.

Courtesy of Block

In a statement announcing the change, Block is amazed at the meanings in its new moniker: “Building blocks, blocks around their local businesses, regions come together for parties full of music, blockchain, code sections, and obstacles to success.” Buried between the list and those who apparently drove the change: blockchain. Square especially Dorsey has approved the crypto change, almost to the point of having stickers on its products called “Bitcoin Inside.” , although the company did not provide the same list of words related to this.)

Here is another feature of the languages: Like the Letters, which moved the same way changed his name from Google and called its various businesses “betting,” Block refers to its divisions as “building blocks.”

Block says everything else in the company will be the same, employees are doing everything they did in the past, except with new emails. The new corporate website will have the address of block.xyz; block.com which looks good looks like a stealth cryptocurrency company. At the moment, the NYSE SQ company logo does not change.

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