How It Does Not Melt In Our Hot World

I mean, if the teacher told the young people words like, “Oh, don’t worry about climate change; there are advanced technologies, ”which may add to the criticism. People know that the answer is simple; he knows the problem is not an easy one. While people want to move quickly to have hope, psychology shows that it is very important to deal with stress, to address it, and to discuss it.

Why is it important to name them?

Communicating with others — sharing information and asking others what it means — will help us to keep our feelings under control and to develop common sense. One person may experience anxiety in a very different way from another, or may have other concerns. Someone might, perhaps, complain about their children; others may worry about the importance of biodiversity. When we first talk about our worries, we understand the problem, we are able to understand what is at stake, and we begin to have corrective awareness, so that it does not become a kind of floating anxiety that can be very difficult. hard to catch. It is the first step toward counteracting this tendency.

When we better understand how we feel, what is the result?

The next step is to look at the solutions we use, and ask ourselves why we are using them and if there are other ways we can cope. Dealing with the problem, for example, is an excellent way to apply concrete problems with more or less strength. You start to think seriously about the problem and can better explain what you can do.

What does this look like and feel about climate change?

You may say, “Here I am, concerned with climate change. What can I control? I can read and learn more about the problem, start talking to my friends about what we can do, ride a bike or take a bus instead of driving, ”and do other things that focus on the problem.

Then, there is the meaning of endurance. This is considered to be the most effective way to deal with the problem from a positive and cohesive perspective. It is about promoting positive thoughts that prevent negative thoughts that are very difficult to bear.

Focus on the challenges we face?

No, it has to do with changing the mindset between anxiety and hope, so you can see, “Yes, this is a very serious problem, and I’m worried,” and see that it is good that more and more people are aware of it. of the problem, and the media is announcing more. Or remember that this is a difficult situation, but we have experienced serious problems in the past.

In dealing with climate change, we need to be alert even when we do not have the strength to do so. So it is not enough just to think about the problem. You can look at what you can do –save energy in the house or stop eating meat or to be part of the climate organization-but you need more. Fighting goals can help us to cope with our anxieties, so that we can overcome them to be focused on problems. The best thing to do is to combine all the solutions.

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