Facebook Forces More Vulnerable Accounts To Use Two Things

For many years, Facebook has given users the opportunity to secure their accounts with certainty of two things. Soon, users of high-risk platforms will have no choice: Social networking sites require them to lock their credentials with a password. Good.

The parent company Facebook, Meta, has been demanding since last year that advertising accounts and popular webmasters open two things. It is not the only platform that takes this step; in May, Google announced the change two-dimensional stability for all users. And while Meta claims that what is happening here applies to politicians, freedom fighters, journalists, and others who have subscribed to its Facebook Protect app, this seems like a test to find out how to make two things as easy as possible for everyone. lighting. Meta is also working to ensure that it can help address any issues that may arise for users around the world.

“We do not plan to publish it to anyone, but we can gradually develop it in the most vulnerable areas – areas where people can watch the most and whose consequences can be the most important,” Meta security chief executive said. Nathaniel Gleicher, told reporters earlier.

Facebook Protect started as a pilot project in the United States before the 2018 general election and was expanded until the 2020 presidential election. When users log in to Facebook Protect, they will not be able to log out.

Protect releases worldwide began in September, with Meta rolling out to 12 countries, including India, the Philippines, and Turkey. The program has more than 1.5 million subscribers, plus approximately 950,000 who contributed to the two-factor authentication for the project. Gleicher says the company will provide Security in 50 countries by the end of the year, with some coming in 2022, such as Myanmar and Ethiopia. In addition to ordering two-factor authentication, Facebook Protect also provides additional monitoring and analysis on subscription accounts.

Although Google is a consumer-oriented technology company that uses two-pronged tools, some have done very little. Amazon Ring smart camera company ordered two of its few million customers in early 2020 after the collapse of the ring accounts. And in 2018, Twitter introductory instructions encouraging those who want to light up the assurance of two things. Social networking sites he said in July that only 2.3 percent of users have contributed to the authenticity of the two features.

Facebook revealed prior to the announcement that only about 4 percent of monthly Facebook users worldwide had confirmed the verification of two things.

“Two things have been used less and less on the internet, even by people who are heavily monitored by malicious criminals, although it is one of the best ways to protect yourself from damaging the account,” Gleicher said. “In order to facilitate mass enrollment in 2FA we all need to continue to raise awareness or encourage enrollment. continue to use these platforms. ”

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