DJI Action 2 Camera Review: Magnet Modular

Drone manufacturer DJI is not uncommon for large and small cameras and glasses. The company drones take the best aerial photographs around, which is why DJI first shot on the action camera. Osmo Action– it was a hit. It was smaller or smaller than GoPro, but it added a front screen of all colors, shapes GoPro downloaded later.

For the second time in a row, DJI seems to be looking at another competitor – Insta360, who introduced the flexible lens system on an action camera. DJI’s GoPro designer made clever tricks, but the new Action 2 is simpler.

On paper, his notes are solid. There are 4K video recordings at 120 frames per second (fps), flexible stability, and many other types of pre-recorded video formats that have become popular. high-end cameras. But a few weeks later with Action 2, I was not impressed. I’m just thinking one that’s why I chose GoPro Hero 10 or Insta360 One R: weight.

Teeny-Tiny Camera

Photo: DJI

Action 2 is not with the Insta360 One R clone. All of them are modular, but with the One R, modularity includes adjusting various lenses and sensor combos. DJI takes a different approach, with a major component being a functional camera. What you can add to that is a battery pack or two photo segment; the latter allows you to see for yourself while the camera is pointing at your face. (Magnetic parts can also attach various mounting rods and adhesives so you do not need to insert anything.)

This similar approach is acceptable, but when I first opened up Action 2, I was taken aback by the camera itself. If there is one thing that is not right in this case GoPro Hero 10 Black, and weight. Or, I think it’s annoying to have a 5.3-ounce weight on your head. I usually don’t tie any cameras to my man – I don’t get very interesting results – but I do realize that most people do this.

If your biggest problem with the action camera is tying it to your helmet while you, as my snowman friend used to say honestly, “blow up the slope,” then DJI Action 2 could play GoPro even more. everything else on the market. It weighs only two ounces, which is invisible even though it is on your hat. The DJI camera is also small, which means it pulls slightly with wind and water.

In addition to the design of heavy feathers, you can turn it into a custom camera by adding batteries and photo modules to the mix. This, however, is where the dangers and pitfalls of Action 2 begin to emerge.

Magnetic errors

DJI’s magnetic connection system, from a technical point of view, is intelligent. It’s simple and reliable. You place the two cubes and they jump in place. It won’t be easier than that. The two clips also protect the magnet, but you can easily separate them even with wearing hands. But you may not try to separate it by hand-wearing gloves, because if you wear gloves, then you are probably in the snow, and part of the camera lens is waterproof.

Various, do not be afraid, there is a problem without water for you you can buy it for an additional $ 65 which makes the entire camera waterproof up to 196 feet (60 meters). But then you lose the opportunity to quickly change the magnetic clip system. Lack of complete waterproofing is a little annoying, but it just doesn’t bother you unless you plan to use your cameras in the water. If so, this is not what you want.

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