‘The Matrix’ is the Best Destroying Video

The concept of cheating goes beyond any technical expertise, which explains why fraudsters, a few years later, still use video fans to explain their work. After University of Michigan researchers used an electrical leak to chip to hide a back door in 2016, they described it as “outside the Matrix.” After security investigator Joanna Rutkowska revealed that she had been able to tamper with a computer that was affected by an invisible program she had, she called it a “blue tablet”.

“I can use it The Matrix to put it bluntly, she is the woman in the red dress that everyone sees, but the destroyer can see the code that makes the woman and change the color of her dress, “said Katie Moussouris, a well-known security researcher and CEO of Luta Security.” To allow this, it is possible because I can look at what is happening on the ground. “

Above all, The Matrix alanda a to hear about cheating, says Dai Zovi, who first saw the film as a 19-year-old college student. A year later, he worked as a manager for a well-known media company called SuperFamilies.com, which had additional Sun Microsystems locations around. One Friday he asked if he could take one house to disrupt it – and he found a fraudulent problem in his program that he spent the entire spring break learning to use.

After doing well, Dai Zovi first encountered what it means to take a cue with the method he created, and make him do whatever he wants. He likens it to when Neo jumped into Agent Smith’s body, exploded, and stood silently in his place as the world revolved around him. “They do this, as well as the window type, as if they are a waste of time,” says Dai Zovi. “When you write your first job – or 100 or 000 – you feel like you’re changing. You want to run it a million times when you’re done, to be strong and capable.”

Hackers do not use high power right now. But computers with networks go into material things – our cars, home appliances, and even more important tools such as power grids, water supply systems, and manufacturing – modern life is becoming like a Matrix all the time. Being able to control those computers is a skill that can change the world.

Getting rid of clutter, for most of us, is no longer an option. It is better, perhaps, to put on your burning garment, enter the digital world, and start bending the spoons.

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