The Best Way to Resist Temptation

MNEY-3848, “Convert real-world currency to digital digital currency equivalent.” This is one of the few tickets that engineers create to solve a problem that exists in their own heads. There was one galaxy I managed where the middle paplanetary money was made with pain (wedding gifts were somewhat difficult), but even this sounded better than blockchain. That said, we are in it now and we need to see this. Leaving a ticket open and looking for ideas.

ERTH-4873, “Prepare Versailles.” A good example of a bad ticket. It was issued in 1927, so the first goal was to alleviate the economic woes in Germany after the First World War and to avoid the second. Instead, engineers and creators have spent 20 years designing the Versailles plantations, which are excellent, and by the time everyone realized, we were low, why, 70 million users? This is not what the Affiliate pays. Preservation of the past.

PNGA-8901, “Add ice to the Arctic.” Another good ticket, and I can never know why it was ignored. If we did this we would have a lot of trouble in our hands.

MAML-0784, “Squirrels but with spider legs.” This is one I hate. No problem, no market demand, yet for some reason at least three of you believe that sim is needed for eight-legged squirrels. Also, why the growth of two months of work? It is daylight in every model modeler. That’s why I can’t decide if I’m so upset that he was questioned or that it didn’t happen. There are millions of tickets like this. Don’t post them even WONTFIX, I’m just deleting them.

I also close the “Choose a dinosaur president” (Was this difficult?); “International Peas” (review ERTH-0019); “Have only one gender and one race” (I have tried this and it was worse than you might expect); “Create a new science-based religion” (Interesting idea, but you do not know how it is unacceptable); “Produce generalized artificial intelligence” (If we allow them to do so they will consider it a joke! Remember what the Affiliate pays us!).

Too often, I feel that the team has failed to comply with Stakeholder’s role, which is to create the stupid, most embarrassing environment that can be achieved within the laws of nature. I heard at my first meeting that he liked the US medical system, the Enlightenment era theft, and cats. He hates the US Civil War (severe), squirrels (I think that’s why someone called squirrels?), And Facebook (unused). All in all, it seems like this attempt has failed, which is probably why it has been so difficult to find resources to grow beyond just one country. I know you all feel that way. Stay with me, though. In my last creation, I was able to fly more than 30 galaxies. Your call.

I can apply for some day and night jobs, but be aware that I want us all to start a good schedule. Obviously, we need to communicate regularly. I’ll make some epics, and I don’t mean HIST-0003, “Send the Bull of Heaven to attack Gilgamesh.” (Obviously, let’s not go there again.)

Also, I know you all put a lot of work into it, but we should move on with the new moon.

See you Tuesday. I bring coffee.

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