44 Cyber ​​Monday Rest and Beauty (2021)

T3 Lucea ID Hair Straightener

Photo: T3

Amazon (Click the Coupon button), T3 ($ 187), Sephora ($ 187)

The deal started at $ 187, which is still the best at the highest price point our favorite steel plate, but if you can get $ 175 from Amazon, that’s fine. It has a unique form of heat that causes heat – through the adjustment on the handle – depending on the texture of your hair (fine, medium, strong), long (short, medium, long), and if your hair is dyed. There is also a refreshing effect on touching the hair at low temperatures.

This is the lowest price we have ever seen on this hair dryer. There are some discounts you can get, but if you blow-dry your hair regularly without a trimmer, an oscillating nose is a very cool addition. It moves quickly side by side, depending on the movement you can make with your hand.

There are inexpensive ways to experiment with warm curls, but these tools come from a small, women-friendly business, and it makes a good gift. It comes with a wooden nest, a spray bottle, and a show star: microfiber and wire curler. You wrap wet hair in a temporary bun, and when dry your hair becomes curly without damaging the heat. Mileage varies with hair color.

Alweyoop Pen Pal Makeup Pen

Photo: Alweyoop

(Extras Added at Checkout)

This is the same price we saw on Cyber ​​Week last year, and the rest of the site has been removed by 20 percent. WIRED researcher Louryn Strampe was impressed by this small tool. It incorporates eyeliner, lip liner, brow pencil, and highlighter in a design that is reminiscent of a variety of primary school textbooks. All choices are made to make self-care and beauty fun but urgent, such as 4-in-1 self-adhesive brush and blush, bronzer, and highlighter rounded.

(Extras Added at Checkout)

Many WIRED staff are dedicated followers of this SPF. It makes you look shiny, does not leave white, and also feels so light on your skin that you will want to wear it. I have never tried other Kinship items, but I like these so much that I will probably take a few things now that they are all left with 20 percent.

We all want what we don’t have. To me, those are beautiful spots. Luckily there are countless faux freckles and DIY hacks out there. Freck is the best I’ve ever tried, and a few other WIRED staff and fans too. Just make a few drops, click with your finger, and resize the rest of your face. No one will know that it is a lie unless they learn it. The price is down as more options are available. You can opt for XL bottle or Darker shade, each discounting up to $ 20 (discounting $ 8).

(Use HAPPY25 for checkout)

I was impressed with Olive and the June Mani Kit I tried it during isolation, and I think it is important for anyone who wants to add home decor. There are several sets available, but Weekender comes with cuticle serum, nail file, locker, trimmer, polish remover, thin nail brush, hand serum, polish, and universal bottle holder, top coat, fast. drying drops, and star nails. It would cost a lot of money if you could get everything individually, and I like real things.

(Extras Added at Checkout)

These are the most expensive pimples you can find. It works well and bring a good backpack. The brand only sells several times a year, so if you want to try the patches, this is a good time. The Bathing in the Air is suitable for sensitive skin.

People love Paula’s Choice, especially this exfoliant. I have not seen much change, but I have relatives who have seen a rapid change. Paula’s Choice sales are not uncommon, but they are usually not huge. If you have been wanting to try it, you can save a little money.

(Use CYBERMON21 for checkout)

Ulta has group on beautiful items downloaded right now, and you can add $ 10 off $ 50 or more on exit by using this number. I recommend any jewelry tool from Real Techniques, as well By Cosmetics CC + Cream and Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush.

Clothing Sales

See some of our favorites in our breathing clothes.

Leggings for Girls High Range with Paloma Bra

Photo: Bret Lemke / Girl

(Extras Added at Checkout)

I could not understand the appeal of expensive leggings until I tried this. It has a very high waistline, it feels shiny and comfortable, and fits snugly without being too tight so you want to tear it apart. They are too made of plastic bottles with recycled polyester. I associate mine with similarities Paloma Racerback Bra, discounted up to $ 29 ($ 13 discount).

We are trying this right now our breathing clothes. It is very interesting and well made. Depending on your style, you may find bright colors, or some dull ones.

(Use CYBERMONDAY2021 at Checkout)

Everything at the independent boutique Kiriko is now down 20 percent. Choices include a wide variety of clothing, kitchen equipment, bags, and hygiene items, but our choice is Kiriko’s masterpieces.

(Use CYBERDEAL for checkout)

I tried the Adidas shorts that confirmed the time and loved them. These tires are comfortable to wear when working or just sitting around. The company claims that the security they offer is limited storage capacity and you should still use a tampon, pad, or cap, but I have found that only shorts are enough for light days. Just throw them in the washing machine after.

(Use WIRED25 for checkout)

The company produces two of my favorite bands seasonal underwear. If you are trying to do so reducing once-used plastics, reusable underwear at the right time and place to start.

Registration Box Actions

I like registration boxes by giving someone a gift or myself. You get amazing for a month or two at your doorstep, well-kept to your liking.

Horti Plant Registration

Photo: Horti

(Enter GREENTHUMB at Checkout)

Whether you want to add greenery to your home or a gift someone has planted, Horti makes it easy for you and monthly subscriptions. Each box comes with a well-wrapped plant, a clay soil (soak it in water to grow), and care instructions. There are pet preferences and beginners.

You are reading the price correctly. This gives you your first month for free. If you want two bags to start with, you will pay around $ 13 per contract. Coffee registration is ideal for the experienced and experienced, and Atlas is one of our favorites. You will find one-of-a-kind beans from all over the world and fried by Atlas in Austin, Texas. You can choose between light to medium light or medium to dark, or you can choose both.

(Use BF2021 at Checkout)

If you like Japanese snacks, Bokksu is one of the headlines, with each box displaying a specific Japanese theme or region. The title of the first box is country weather. For more information, see our guide to Best Snack Registration Boxes.

Oral Care Practices

Oral care is self-care. Brushing your teeth may not be the most fun every day, but you have to admit that you feel mixed up with fresh air, right?

Philips One and Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

Photo: Philips

Goals, Amazon, Best Buy

This is one of we love electric brush brushes. It’s cheap, lightweight, and lightweight, and while it may not be the strongest brush I’ve ever tried, it provides enough vibration to help you clean it. This is the kind of thing that can come back, though Battery-powered AAA retails for $ 15 ($ 10 discount).

Amazon (Click the Coupon button), Hum ($ 49)

Hum but small but strong is our favorite electric toothbrush (9/10, WIRED Encourages). It is cheaper and surpasses Philips in cleansing power. It’s small, so you can brush your entire tongue with hard teeth to the back without a problem, plus there is a program if you want to follow what you do. New Hum Smart Rhythm is cheaper (and even lower this week). It is powered by a battery and has two types of cleaning versus three standard Humans. It has less cleaning power, but would be ideal for children or someone who wants to try an electric brush for the first time.

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