The 15 Best Cyber ​​Monday Sex Tips (2021): Our Best Vibrators, Oils, and More

Vacation time It can be very difficult, so investing in self-care is important. With so many of our favorite professional companies joining the Cyber ​​Monday competition and advertising, there is no excuse. no taking care of yourself and your partner with a new sex toy, vibrator, lube, or all three. In fact, masturbation is not only healthy but also very effective ways to take care of yourself.

Updated November 28: We’ve changed prices, added sales from Crave, and added five ads from Lelo.

Our selection of cyber sex toys on Monday was reviewed and tested by our team of tools Top Sex Tips for Every Body.

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Sexual toys

Dame Pom.

Photo: Dame

This little vibrator is one of our favorites. It has become a major issue in our lives Sex Tech Guide from day one, in part because it is beautiful, but mainly because it is powerful, comfortable to use, good for both nude vibrator and is accessible both at its low cost and its simple, straightforward design. We rewrote full review about it.

Breastfeeding toys is a game changer for people with vulvas. The toys use the air to mimic the articulation of oral sex, to stimulate small particles such as the clitoris or neo glans or natal penis. It’s amazing, and it’s often expensive so finding the best one under $ 100 can be difficult. It’s good to pull gently until a little bit, and it’s not enough like other toys we’ve encountered, but it’s a good choice.

Everyone should use oil. No matter your genitals, gender identity, sexuality, or kinks, if you are naked you should have a handkerchief. That’ll make everything very good. True. Water-based oils are your best bet for daily use. They are soluble in water, so they do not stain your paper or clothes, and are usually made of aloe vera to protect the body. Ideal for personal or public use! This is one of our favorites.

Dame Arc G-Spot Vibe.

Photo: Dame

Dame sex toys all have a clear and accessible interface, and you can see this in the Arc vibrator. The slow curve is the soft end, designed to give the G-spot pleasure (but with a careful companion you can also use it on the P-spot). It can be bigger for some people, so make sure you look at the size and compare it to the inner toy you already have and use it.

Crave’s Vesper necklace is a cute little pendant that looks like a pendant. It is beautiful and well made, but it does not pass like a slope if you look very closely. It is the smallest of all the toys on the list, and it is incredibly versatile and incredibly powerful because of its size.

Sex workers offer 20 percent blanket on all orders over $ 75 from Friday, November 26 to Sunday, November 28. The sexes make several of us. your favorite toys which we have expressed in our hearts best sex tech roundup, but it also has a few other features that we have tried and developed very well. The Light oil-based oils, for example, is my favorite oil, and there are a number of favorite things but not too sexy and like salt bath, ointment-even a smoke-free hand sanitizer which works well for cleaning your toys.

Lelo Sila

Photo: Today

Sila is one of our favorite toys, with air-conditioning like Sona but a little different. The mouth is slightly larger, widening around for maximum pleasure, which occupies the clitoral part. It is beautiful, like a little snail or a shell. Ideal for travel or just a place to stay overnight.

Lelo’s Elise 2 Vibrator is a clear, clear and transparent and fluffy silk as well as a very soft silicone mask. Built with Lelo’s signature and Elise 2’s impressive sound not only visually appealing, it has a powerful vibration. It has two internal motors, and it creates a deep, vibration, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The Sona Cruise is a straightforward and viscous slow-moving airway designed to provide the same absorption and sensation of oral sex. Sona was one of the first to hit the market, and the Cruise brand has an interesting feature: It only adds energy when it is strongly illuminated against the body. So you don’t have to wipe with buttons, just like in.

Lelo Hugo

Photo: Today

This is one of our favorites, this was designed to stimulate the p-spot or prostate. It’s a little big, so if you’re a newbie to the things you want to make. But when you are ready, it is a wonderful p-spot vibrator. It is designed to relax well against the p-spot, and not only has a strong vibration but also includes a remote sensing sensor. That is why you or your partner can change the intensity without moving the buttons.

PicoBong is a Lelo brand of sex toys designed to be easy to start with and budget-friendly. But that does not mean that they are cheap. Away with that. PicoBong’s Moka Blue is the best g-spot vibrator. It bends down to its rightful place, and it is as good as any other toy. It is a good choice for anyone who is just getting into the sex industry.

One of the starting games, Womanizer Premium has been around for a while. The name is unfortunately feminine, but if it doesn’t bother you, it’s a tough choice to suck hard. If the name is stable, I recommend it Dame Aer on the contrary.

MysteryVibe Poco and Crescendo.

Photo: MysteryVibe

Poco is a beautiful little rocker with two powerful motors and a flexible body. It’s easy to bend over in the right place to hit your G-spot, or to use it in a fun place. It’s small, smart, and connected to the MysteryVibe app so you can set your vibrations or adjust someone else.

Crescendo is Poco’s older brother. It has a similar but flexible body and has six internal motors. Both of these motors can be customized with the included software, giving you a gradual adjustment to your vibration and tone. I usually use built-in vibrations because they are minimal, and they are all good. Those motors also give Crescendo a unique rocking record, not only does it feel like a single powerful motor that shakes the entire toy but several small vibrations that shake the entire toy. This is one of our favorites and for good reason. It is waterproof, so it is best to choose a bath time.

The We-Vibe Touch is a modern alternative to high-end bullet vibrator. It is soft, shiny, and has a curved body that makes it easy to hold and straighten. Its tip is designed to fit almost any erogenous zone. It is waterless and surprisingly quiet.

This is another sucking or air-tightening device that is designed to absorb oral sex. The Melt is a small, intelligent, and beautiful doll. It bends and fits snugly in your hands no matter where you use it, and the open part is large enough to wrap around the clitoris without touching it directly — a good choice if you or your partner is very interested. It also supports the We-Vibe app, so you can stream it remotely on other remote games.

Laya Factory Factory II

Photo: Fun Factory

This is a vibrator designed especially for those of you who like to stimulate, spread the pleasure while lying on top of the vibrator. The Layer II is designed to simply look this way, so it won’t bother you anywhere as a normal vibrator would do if you lay on top of it. It is also on our best list.

We haven’t tried it yet, but this looks like a fun little tool for couples. It is a box of sex toys that include a vibrator for the penis and another vibrator designed around the penis as well as to strengthen the clitoris or neo penis. It also includes a couple of spicy bedding games, a massage candle, and a cute little scrunchie.

This little toy is fun to use on its own or as a complement to any accessories or belt. It fits in the O-ring, and is perfect for anyone not looking growth. Small and affordable, ideal for all types of indoor sports.

Pulsators are another type of new toy. Designed as traditional vibrators, they vibrate back and forth to try to throw. It’s a new experience for many, but if you’re a fan, it’s hard to get back to the regular vibrator inside. This one is shot in the head to mimic the shape of the penis with the side of the medium-high levels.

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