43 Best of Amazon Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Deals (2021): Our Top Choices


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Usually, a good TV is a good TV, but if you plan to play a lot of games on your set, then. this is the model you would like. LG C1 (8/10, WIRED Encourages) has an OLED panel, which means deep black and good contrast, plus supports up to 120 Hz in smooth playback. It can also use Nvidia’s G-Sync if you download it to a gaming PC. This deal is done has been around for a while, but the price is still reasonable.

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Most TVs have some kind of smart device, but this type has Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can get what you want to watch with your voice even if you prefer a helper. You can also ask simple questions like “What time is it?” or “How tall is Jeff Goldblum?” The low price tag has been around since early November.


This is not a TV, it is a lighting machine — and it is worth adding to your playground. Preferential lighting behind your TV can help reduce the pressure of bright TV in a dark room in your eyes, and bars of GoVee Flow Pro he can compare that light to what is on the screen, to feel more deeply. The results can be devastating if you sing!

Audio and Audio Games

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar


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If you keep your eye on the precious soundbar, e.g. which we love very high here, big discounts are good. The Sennheiser Ambeo Soundar has dropped in price which is in line with the lowest price we have ever seen. It’s just been downloaded this way a few times. In our experiment, the sound was heard as if there were speakers scattered throughout the room, even though they were all in one (large) bar.

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One of the great soundbar appeal it is easy to raise a good voice without having to set up several tools. Yamaha’s YAS-209 doubles the capabilities of these carriers when carrying a headset and Amazon Alexa in one bar and one wireless subwoofer. This means that it is loud and clear. There are no surprises one of our favorites. The price drops to $ 300 on average, but comes back to $ 350 more often. We have yet to see it go down beyond this.

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Polk React is one of our favorite words, especially because of its Alexa integration. You can use the Amazon Voice Assistant to set up statistics or play music. You can also upgrade the bar with modular speakers and subwoofers, which are available as accessories only.

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Vizio soundbars rise above their weight when it comes to sound versus price. This 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos soundbar is different. It comes with dedicated subwoofers and rear-mounted speakers that give you deep, Dolby-compatible voice with minimal installation function.

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Membership of Sony’s PlayStation Plus is required if you wish play games online, but even if you don’t, it’s a good way to get free games every month. 12-month subscriptions tend to go down on vacation every year, so now is the time to add 2022.

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Wire rats sell wireless types to be more reliable and less expensive. Often the delay in entry is not a problem, but if you play competitively, it can be a real life saver. This Razer Viper mouse is ambidextrous, so anyone can use it. She’s much cheaper than her cordless cousin, who is also one of our favorite mice. The $ 40 Black Friday price tag exceeds any discount we’ve ever seen.

Amazon, Best Buy ($ 96)

SteelSeries often impresses us with the front of the game equipment, but this mouse climbed the charts as our wireless game mouse. It has a minimal design, perfect fit, and a wireless wireless interface, it works seamlessly even up to 10 meters away from the receiver we use.


We as Roccat Kone Pro Air Mouse thanks to its sleek, stylish buttons, but what makes it stand out is the satisfying clicks. At the moment the game mouse is at its best price.

The Razer Basilisk is included in our list of the best mice in the past, and although released recently, it is still well-selected. It has a nice ergonomic design, 11 adjustable buttons, and a very accurate sensor.

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This is one of our favorite little keyboard. The Razer Huntsman Mini is 60 percent keyboard with well-designed but unobtrusive RGB LEDs and keys pressing effectively. With its low profile, it takes up little space on your desk, so you can save space for moving your mouse, or downloading it for other things.

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This deal goes in and out. We are waiting for him to return.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate registration is one of them what we love about the game. It comes with hundreds of game libraries, including one-day game releases from companies like Bethesda and Bungie (Microsoft). It usually goes for about $ 15 a month, but for now you can get three months for $ 25, which you can save up to 36 months.

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There are few things that can make your workplace feel like a future storehouse than the Elgato Stream Deck. The flexible 15-button LCD panel gives you the opportunity to launch apps, run scripts, and integrate directly with your powerful software with shortcuts that focus on your actual movement. It’s not so cheap, either.

You do not always have to spend a fortune to get better music on your stream. The cheapest of these lavalier – the color you cut on the collar of your shirt – is an easy way to find the right words than you can take your camera or phone.

If you can take videos on the go – especially anywhere except for a desk or studio – then a good mic shot may be necessary. This separates the listener from the point of view. The Deity V-Mic D3 Pro is one of our favorites, and review editor Julian Chokkattu uses it frequently.

Phones, Earphones, and Camera Operations

OnePlus 8T

Photo: OnePlus

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From Google Pixel 6 came out, it was hard to beat the price, and that was our biggest concern when we started also highlighted the OnePlus 8T. It has good cameras, a nice screen, and a full day battery. We just wanted to see it go down a little bit. At $ 500, it is not only $ 100 cheaper than usual, but it also reduces Google’s reputation.


OnePlus 9 Pro (8/10, WIRED Encourages) created our list of distinguished titles a Best Android Phones After OnePlus repairs cameras that are usually seamless on previous models. It has now reached a very low price of $ 799. You can get two free OnePlus Buds Pro when you order a phone directly via OnePlus.

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