20 Best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Camera Deals (2021)

Boling Pocket LED Lighting

Photo: Boling

Adorama, B&H

This Pocket LED video is one of our favorite things making home studio videos. It shines amazingly in spite of its compact size, and offers a number of colors and effects. You can compare the color temperature to how you light it, or use it to imitate lightning. It rises to your camera through a cold boot.

Amazon, B&H

It’s not as bright as Boling above, but the light of the Aputure video is a magnet, so it can be attached to different areas for easy installation. It has many effects and color choices, and you can plug it in via USB-C or with a wireless Qi camera.

Lume Cube Mobile Creator Stand.

Photo: LumeCube

B&H, Lume Cube

This stand is very stable, and the ends of the double screen like cool shoes, so you can connect the microphone and video light to the entire studio. The only downside is that you can’t change its length.

Amazon, Adorama

If you stand in front of your camera, then a snapshot will be one of the best ways to capture voice. This from God comes with a pair of shoes on top of the camera. Just put it on, and you’re ready to go. It does a great job of carrying audio and also reconnects your phone as you would with a switch.

Camera Bags and Bags

Now that you have filled out all the extras you need to take great pictures and videos in the field, you need a way to do everything in comfort. If you do not see what you are looking for below, check out our guide to Best Camera Bags, Ties, Pack, and Bags.

Brevite The Jumper Camera Bag.

Photo: Brevite

Minutes, Brevite

This is our top camera bag for most of our people Best Camera Bags guide. It is small, yet able to fit a DSLR or a glassless camera, extra glasses, and a small tripod in the side pocket (with a loop for protection). There’s a cargo cable, a laptop storage, and an upstairs room for everything else. The best part comes in a lot of fun.

B&H, Wandrd (Enter Code BF5OFF to add 5 percent)

Combine this big bag with the two Cube of Wandrd’s Essential Camera ($ 278 total), and you can fit a yours of weapons and to have space for clothing and other equipment. I took this bag, which could be converted into a duffel (with a locker), on my way to Iceland, and it would not have been perfect. Just know that it can’t be counted as a human thing on a plane, but a continuous one. You can learn more about it in our article Best Camera Bags guide.

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