Not Every Character Requires Original History

In 1990 High Christmas Home Alone, a boy battling the Wet Bandits, two gangs of photographers motivated by greed and a desire to name a movie in bad words while flashing a gold tooth. Thirty years later, Sweet Home Private, a story that was re-launched on Disney +, sees a young man fighting other pirates – parents who are suffering from Pam and Jeff McKenzie, who just want to get back the precious toy that was stolen from them so they would not be damaged. and were forced to sell their family a house.

It is not known why Sweet Home Private the authors thought that a thief could no longer be a thief, but following a well-established model in the last few years. Last summer, the audience learned that a baby killer can no longer be a puppy killer at Disney’s Cruella revealed that the evil one 101 Dalmatians the villain had a difficult reputation with the dogs. (Movie creator’s warning, as well as a warning to destroy anything that is good and right and proper: He killed his mother.) Netflix 2020 series Broken similarly researched the sources of One Fly On The Nest Of The CuckooThe bitter, twisted Nurse Ratched, portrays her as a child molester.

Where will this end? In unlimited and beyond. Joke Story prequel Lightyear expected to fall next summer; The video model follows astronomer Buzz Lightyear, meaning that a toy can no longer be a toy. Everyone — whether made of plastic or wrapped in animal skin — now needs to have a complex, emotional, mental history, whether it is presented in an introductory, original, or inspiring re-enactment. It is very confusing, and very cheap.

It is obvious why studios make prequels and spinoffs: It is an easy way to make money on well-known intellectual property and enter into existing preferences. Even naturally I look into my eyes Lightyear. When you watch. Sweet Home Private, should we not rejoice when a desperate thief steals his feet and lays down on the ground, crying in the snow?

Believe it or not, back in 2009, Geek River published an article asking if it was “a time to lose interest in starting and starting issues.”12-year-old Tome openly discloses that we belong to the Big Backstory group — complaining about“ the dark, the dark ” X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the “line for making cookie cutters” led Hannibal Rising and Earth 3. But this piece was recorded five years after Disney’s first appearance Sleeping Beauty prequel Maleficent, the film that sparked the studio’s excitement and re-imagined its former terrorists. In 2019, DC Films gave it a go Joker, and next year the Light will perform for us in the backstory of Despicable Meand antihero in Contributors: Gru Rise. In 2023, a music video Wonka we will see Timothée Chalamet showcasing the past of the chocolate factory owners who love everyone. We’re in the middle of an in-depth story, and the excitement is deepening in the previous stories we give to direct musicians.

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