‘Howard the Duck’ is Worse Than You Remember

One of the most amazing films of the 1980’s was Howard Bakha, based on a small comic book of the same name. TV writer Andrea Kail he knew the bad reputation of the film, but he still wondered how bad it was.

“I looked all over with my jaw down,” says Kail in Section 494 of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “It was very dangerous in every way.”

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy recipient David Barr Kirtley he remembers love Howard Bakha when he saw it at the age of 8, but admits that the film is a wreck. “It’s a wonderful combination of a child’s movie, and Animal House-a funny sex game, and a horrible movie, “he says.

Howard Bakha was made by George Lucas, warmed by the original success Star Wars trilogy. A comedian Tom manages says the popularity went to the director. “[Howard the Duck] it works like a joke, “he says,” but to think that you can take it and it can act like a action movie just depends on the kind of egomania you get once you make the best-selling film and think, ‘I can do anything.’ ”

Science fiction writer Matthew Kressel he wondered Howard Bakha, but he feels that the film has some critics. He said: “I know people who love this movie. “If you go to Gen X Reddit forum, he often says, ‘What is your favorite movie of the 80’s?’ and Howard Bakha he came. Some people say, ‘I like it Howard Bakha! Yeah, it was so funny. ‘”

Listen to the full interview with Andrea Kail, Tom Gerencer, and Matthew Kressel in Section 494 of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy (above). And check out some of the highlights below.

Tom Gerencer pa Amazing Science:

“I still love it as the story of two intellectuals who want to do wrong and then learn to want the best. Having said that, I want to get involved in politics. The dogs in the video. That’s what we did. We killed the puppies. ‘ I think I’m later and I always feel like giving up. Aliyense Every kid in my class repeated the words [jazz club] events, and we thought it was a good one. And to look like an adult I was bothered by the whole thing. I was like, ‘Yeah, this is so bad.’

David Barr Kirtley pa Inside:

“The nature of the arc, I think, should be that way Dennis Quaid he is self-confident but does not care — that is why he fights against him Meg Ryan in the beginning – and Martin Short he cares but does not rely on himself. He forms this band, and then during the video Dennis Quaid teaches Martin Short to be very reliable and Martin Short teaches Dennis Quaid to be very careful. And it seems like this depending on the size of Martin Short’s personality, but it doesn’t do anything with Dennis Quaid’s growth. And I think that is the biggest hole missing in this video for me, and that they come back with Meg Ryan at the end, and they get married, and it’s like, ‘Wait, no relationship problem has been answered or resolved. or the whole movie. ‘”

Matthew Kressel pa Flee to New York:

“I think the setting of the film is a good one. I like the idea: ‘Crime is so bad, let’s just block Manhattan and put all the criminals in it and let them take care of themselves.’ … You know the content of the movie, so it’s like, ‘Oh, this is Broadway! Why are you driving on Broadway?’ And everyone is just throwing things in their car. This can happen if you drive down the streets of the city. So I love that John Carpenter it’s like, ‘Yes, we can just overreact to this. It is so bad that it is now a prison. ‘”

Andrea Kail pa Comet Night:

“I think I saw it in the theater, and I was — I really believe — at the same age. It really affected me when it should. I knew the people because of me was the characters — selfish, selfish, rebellious. That’s where he goes, ‘The shops are open. What do you want to do?’ And they go shopping. Everything about it was exactly what I was. 5 And looking at it again struck me. There is talk of scientific nonsense, but as the travel story goes very well, the characters are fun, and funny. The scene in the mall with the bad guys is fun. “

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