15 Best Black Friday Kitchen Deals (2021): Instant Pots, Stand Mixers, and more

Instant Pit Duo

Amazon, Walmart (For Sale)

What would a kitchen post be like without Instant Pot? The always-selling Instant Pot is the best, most expensive place in the world of cooking. This variety has nine uses, ranging from yogurt to baking rice. It is large enough for a family meal, and the results will be as delicious as on the most expensive varieties.


ThermoWorks’ Thermapen series thermometers are Cadillacs of the thermometer world read immediately. They are not cheap, but they are reliable, easy to use, and durable. I have been using my application for many years and it is much better than the day it came. One is accurate to ± 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit and takes one second to calculate the temperature. Note that Thermapen does not sell on Amazon and we recommend avoiding any Thermapens you see there.

Vitamin 5200.

Photo: Amazon


There are ingredients, and then there are Vitamix ingredients. I was skeptical, but as a friend of my Gear colleague Joe Ray, a Vitamix made me a mixed person. Blender, in fact, is the engine page at the top of the engine. Everything else just stays in the way. Engine is why Vitamix is ​​so good. And yes, it is expensive, but it is worth it. This is not the best we’ve ever seen, but it’s the best we’ve seen this year.


If you are thinking of a blender as a smoothie maker, this is the blender you want. Not much, but Nutribullet is a one-time smoothie maker, and the mixing container doubles as much as your glass, so you can mix and go.


Nothing like home-made ice cream. We haven’t tried this 2-quart model, but I’ve used a smaller version, and it was pretty good. It is especially fun if you have kids who can make their own ice cream cones.

Tea Place (Enter CYBERTEA exit)

One of our favorite tea shops sells all over the place. I really like this tumbler, which acts like alcohol and keeps your tea warm for several hours. This alliance gives you three examples of tea. You will also get free shipping (unless you are in Alaska or Hawaii).

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