What Is Metaverse Really?

Well, yes and no. Say that Fortnite and “metaverse” would be like saying that Google is “the internet.” Even if you end up, in theory, wasting a lot of time Fortnite, socializing, shopping, studying, and playing games do not mean that it affects every aspect of life.

On the other hand, just as it would be fair to say that Google creates internet-based components data storage units for security teams-it is equally correct to say that Fortnite The creator of Epic Games is making parts for the metaverse. And it is not the only company that does this. Some of these jobs will be done by modern giants like Microsoft and Facebook – the latest of which will soon be available was changed to Meta showing the work, even though we are not familiar with the name. Many other integrated companies – including Nvidia, Unity, Roblox, and even Snap – are all working to build a foundation that can be metaverse.

This is where most of the discussion of what the metaverse is about begins to stand. We have a vague idea of ​​what we have here that we can afford kind of mention metaverse, and we know which companies are selling ideas, but we still don’t know what it is and. Facebook – sorry, Meta, not yet found it — I think it will including fake houses you can invite all your friends to chat with them. Microsoft thinks it could include it meeting rooms training new employees or socializing with distant friends.

The form of this vision of the future goes from optimism to fictional myths. Another time at… Meta’s… sermon on metaverse, company showed events how a girl sitting in her chair looking at Instagram after seeing a video of a friend writing about a concert taking place around the world.

The video arrives at the concert, where the woman appears Avengers type hologram. He could face his partner who was there, they could all hear the concert, and they could see floating voices flying over the stage. This looks good, but it does not advertise the real business, nor in the future. In fact, it leads us to the great problem of “metaverse.”

Why Does Metaverse Include Holograms?

When the Internet first arrived, it began with a host of technological advances, such as the ability to allow computers to communicate at great distances or to be able to connect from one page to another. These technologies were building blocks that were used to create the things we know online: websites, software, social media, and anything else that relies on these great things. And this does not mean anything about the evolution of forms that are not part of the internet but are essential for functionality, such as screens, keyboard, mouse, and monitors.

With metaverse, there is one new blocks, such as the ability to move hundreds of people at a single server time (i.e. future types of metaverse can handle thousands or millions of people at a time), or follow-up tools that can differentiate when a person is looking or where their hands are. These new technologies can be very exciting and exciting for the future.

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