The Quest for Real Life Cooking All 74 ‘Stardew Valley’ Recipes

Like a plague before that, Ali Z. probably would not have joined TikTok.

But as the days of January drew near, the darkness came upon them, and they began to be disturbed. About a year after his isolation, his hobbies – cooking, cooking, and playing video games – he became lonely. In particular, he missed cooking for friends and relatives. “It’s not fun if you just do it yourself,” Ali told me by calling me recently.

In the midst of this meditation, Ali realized his favorite sport that also involved cooking. Her beloved, Stardew Valley, includes 74 recipes and an in-game show, The Queen of Msuzi. Unfortunately, Ali looked at TikTok for a search of accounts that also created playlists to play on real objects. Surprisingly, nothing happened – which is why Ali decided to become the only Queen, using the platform to find people online.

Monga @thaqueenfsauce, Ali’s first story had a tried-and-true can be found by reading it: Her family secret chocolate cake. He spent about a week preparing, recording, and editing the video in iMovie, and gradually editing it until it was complete. The video showed what might be the hallmarks of his style: A fast-paced approach that explains the steps of each Mystery, the pixel graphics of the game, and just a narrative story. “Sick of finding your chocolate cakes in the trash?” He asked in conjunction with his audio clip Stardew Valley the avatar shakes the trash can (an occasional drop of something). “This recipe can help.”

“In less than a day, it was like, 80,000 views,” says Ali. “It started, which I did not expect.” Since then, Ali’s approach has continued to attract fans, especially from within the TikTok playground. When we first spoke last May, @thaqueenfsauce had about 30,000 followers. Now, that number has risen to 55,000. He says: “The response has been overwhelming. “Every time you go online, you expect to find some negative comments, or little things that people don’t like. But I don’t have almost any of that, which I think is proof for it. Stardew Valley the same city. ”

How Ali’s channel attracted the attention of viewers Stardew Valleymeteoric rise. First released in February 2016, the game went on sale 500,000 copies within the first two weeks, a rapid rise to a million within the next two weeks. It was amazing from first-time filmmaker Eric Barone, who spent almost five years working hard on every game. The result was a deep, mysterious, and sometimes confusing world that took on a rural life. From StardewReleasing, continuously, multiple updates – including multiplayer mode and new browser settings – have continued to reward even the most interested players.

Unfortunately, Ali’s easy path on his way is not the same as Baron’s 12-hour stressful days, which protects him from potential dangers. Within a week after his first video was released, Ali felt a new pressure. “When you have a stable group of people who follow you, it changes what happens,” he says. But the second video was well received, and the third was well received. “Now I just enjoy it.”

Ali TikTok has shared a lot of culinary cosplay heritage. Professional cookbook Chelsea Monroe-Cassel has done his job by re-inventing fiction, publishing cookbooks based on Game of Thrones, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Lord of the Rings, and many other fandoms (even in combination Stardew Valley). This month, Simon & Schuster published Laurel Randolph’s best-selling cookbook Unofficial Simpsons Cookbook, with 70 recipes led by the show. And in some cases, the authors release the official types of foods they consider – such as Brian Jacques’ author. The Redwall Cookbook, with good food recipes such as Shrimp ‘n Hotroot Soup or Great Hall Gooseberry Fool a group of anthropomorphic otters, mice, and seals whipped.

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