How to Choose the Best Roku Tool (2021): A Guide for Each Model

Rokus are The most popular TV boxes for a good reason: They are easy to use and offer many advertising options. They are what we love, too. However, knowing that it is a purchase is not easy. There are four Roku switching devices available here (excluding TVs and soundbars), and you’ll find tons of old floating on Amazon with other retailers. Rokus also like to have the same names and look almost the same, so it is not easy to resolve the differences.

We are here to help. If you are like us, you want a better Roku with less money. We’ve broken down the things that we think you’d like to have, starting with the most important type. And when you find Roku, make sure you do add WIRED method!

Updated November 2021: We’ve added the Steaming Stick 4K Plus with the new Streambar Pro.

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