The NSO was about to sell weapons of mass destruction in France. Now the Israeli spy company is in trouble.

In most cases, The NSO has defended itself claiming that it only makes weapons and does not control what foreign governments choose to do with Pegasus, and will continue to do its business as a regular.

The sequence of revelations in 2021, however, has had a different impact.

“NSO Affair,” as the number one offensive in Israel this year, cost the company millions of dollars in lost sales. Reports earlier this year are spreading cruelty has made headlines around the world, but the company says the allegations stemmed from tampering with the telephone directory as a target for NSO Group spies.

US sanctions have hit the company harder than in the past. Bloomberg reports that Wall Street rejects the NSO and treats it as a nuisance; tied up in a saddle $ 500 million in debt with increased risk of insolvency; meanwhile, the company’s new CEO to leave just one week after his appointment.

The sanctions create restrictions on how the company can operate. For example, it may not legally purchase many of the devices it uses for manufacturing, such as laptops running Windows or iPhones, without the permission of the United States government. The US has said its uncertain idea of ​​selling to the NSO Group would be wrong.

The US concept also has a profound effect on the company. Behavior is low and employees are frustrated and confused, according to several who spoke to MIT Technology Review anonymously. There are serious and serious doubts about the very high standards for the future of the NSO if it does not leave the US rankings.

Strategic Problems

NSO links to Israeli leadership have also made things difficult. As a multi-stakeholder manufacturer, the NSO Group has a close relationship with its government and has been an important tool for political and diplomatic relations in Israel over the past decade. When the NSO Group began selling counterfeit weapons to the United Arab Emirates government, for example, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, specifically promoted cooperation, according to people familiar with the trade.

Instead, Israel’s plan to develop closer ties with its neighbors – neighbors whose history does not officially recognize Israel’s existence – was bolstered by the NSO’s technical expertise, which was highly coveted by surrounding countries. Pegasus has been used as a spice to strengthen Israeli-international relations including the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Bahrain.

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