TikTok’s Next Big Move? Stay on Facebook

The way ByteDance does this could be to follow in the footsteps of Facebook. After establishing the necessary foundations through its program since the beginning of the 21st century, the technology giant, now known as Meta, expanded its environment by purchasing WhatsApp and Instagram, as well as being a single source for other applications. It has manifested itself in all aspects of the lives of online users. “ByteDance’s external appearance not only enhances video streaming, but also integrates live content with music,” says Ashley Dudarenok, a Chinese marketing specialist and founder of digital advertising agencies Alarice and ChoZan. “ByteDance has huge demands in foreign markets, and its competition with Facebook has been very strong.”

ByteDance has already grown this way in China to some extent, says Arnold Ma, CEO of Qumin, China’s digital marketing agency. “There is a fully integrated journey for users, whether they just want to find content or seek more information in a descriptive way,” he says. “Slightly divide and create different businesses and different sectors.”

“Globalization has always been their passion,” said Rui Ma, founder of Tech Buzz China, a group of Chinese fundraisers and professionals. “Many Chinese traders a [Zhang] The Yiming generation made it their mission to form a global company. And worldwide, Chinese businesses often mean that more than 50 percent of their income comes from outside China. Meanwhile, China’s ByteDance programming – important between Douyin and Toutiao, a content integration program – is the most profitable. But that could change as ByteDance tries to put more money into TikTok’s billions of powerful applications by launching ecommerce and raising advertising revenue from the app.

If you look closely, you can already see the seeds of the construction plan at the success of TikTok outside of China and making a wide business around ByteDance with its great features. Although it seems, it is not TikTok or Douyin, but an algorithmic engine that supports all of its programs. “Because of the company’s brand – that is, with its core AI company – it can do a lot,” says Ouwehand.

When ByteDance launched the TikTok for the first time outside of China, it attempted to lay the foundation for the program in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand. The company extended to developing countries including India, where TikTok acquired more than 200 million users a month before it was banned in June 2020 by the Indian government as part of a political dispute, with Indonesia, while TikTok had 44 million users in the middle. -2020, according to internal data. Brazil is also a major market for video sharing programs, among others third party comparison positioning it as TikTok the second largest market in the world. It is no coincidence that the three Resb testbeds, ByteDance’s Spotify as a music promotion project launched in 2020, are Indonesia, India, and Brazil. Resso has now said so more than 40 million users divided between the three countries, and has eyes on major growth.

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