How to Choose the Best Game Registration Game (2021): Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Stadia

The game begins to look like Netflix: Instead of buying a disc in a store and keeping it at home, subscription services from Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia, and others give you the opportunity to get tons of games at a monthly rate, or transfer them. without the need for long-term download. But between Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, xCloud, PS Plus, PS Now, Nintendo Switch Online, and everything else, it is hard to know what it does and what it is worth paying for. And not to mention the mobile game. Let’s break it all down.

Updated November 2021: We’ve updated this guide to mention subscriptions for Nintendo Switch Online, Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass, Google Stadia, GeForce Now, and Amazon Prime Gaming.

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PS Plus vs. PS Now

Sony PlayStation 5.

Photo: Sony

Let’s start with Sony, which has a few simple offerings. If you have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you can sign up for two different services: PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

This is Sony’s work for most online players. For $ 10 a month (or $ 60 a year), you can play online with your friends and competitors. (Without registration, you can play only one player games without the internet.) PS Plus enhances the deal by giving you several free games each month, which you can save as long as you are a subscriber. If you have a PS5, new PS Plus collection adds 20 best PS4 games for you to find. There are also special discounts for PlayStation Store-and, above all, you can get the cheapest PS Plus from well-known sellers on eBay or purchase codes from Amazon, so it is an easy purchase.

PlayStation Now is Sony’s subscription and download service. For $ 10 a month (or $ 60 a year), you can get hundreds of PS4, PS3, and PS2-800 games that you can stream to your computer or laptop via the internet, without downloading and installing. Or you can download and play over 400 PS4 games in a traditional, offline way. You need a stable internet connection to get to work, but otherwise, it’s like a Netflix for PlayStation games — and the only way to play PS3 and PS2 games on your modern computer. You do not need a very cheap PC.

Note: PS Plus and PS Now are separate subscriptions, so if you want more online players and play online games, you have to pay for both. The flow of PS Now is also different from PS Remote Drama, which allows you to move games from PS4 or PS5 in your home to another PS4 or PC. Remote Play is free for anyone as long as you have a console with the game.

Xbox Live Gold vs. Game Pass vs. Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Photo: Microsoft

Xbox fixed functions are a bit confusing – there are three subscription functions, some of which have different components and include other saved subscriptions. Here is everything you can sign up for from Microsoft.

Xbox Network

Formerly known as Xbox Live, Xbox Network is not a paid, but for clarity, we have included it here. This is where you create your online profile with a list of friends, send and receive messages, and so on. Microsoft allows most players online without a paid subscription more than 50 free games. You will not, however, be able to play top online games with your friends unless you have subscribed to …

For $ 10 a month (or $ 25 a quarter), this subscription gives you the opportunity to play Xbox games online with your friends. (Gold subscriptions are not required to play Microsoft PC games online.) You get two free games per month as part of your subscription, as well as discounts for other games in Microsoft Store.

Sign up for Game Pass on your Xbox and you can find hundreds of games to download and install. A fixed Game Pass console costs $ 10 per month and includes “more than 100”Games, with other themes that sometimes revolve in and out, like Netflix. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios titles for the first party will appear on the service as soon as it launches, while others may take longer to appear.

This is similar to the Xbox Game Pass console, but — as the name implies — allows you to download and play the game on your PC. It costs about $ 10 a month but includes EA Play games, meaning it has a slightly larger library.

As the name implies, this registration includes everything we have said so far. It’s a $ 15 per month combo service that gives you access to all the Game Pass and EA Play libraries on your PC and Xbox, as well as multiple online players and discounts in the Microsoft Store (no need to sign up for Xbox Live Gold). This also includes Microsoft’s new game promotional feature, xCloud, which is in beta and runs games from the internet to your Android phone. If you want all that Microsoft has to offer, you can find it in Game Pass Ultimate. It’s one of the best in the game right now — though the moniker takes on your preferences. If you play a variety of sports, it is useful – but if you like to stick to a few titles for several months, it will not be compelling.

If you owe Xbox Live Gold, you can convert it to Game Pass Ultimate at the prices specified this page-Which is great if you can get Xbox Live Gold codes at a low price.

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