Canadian teenager Arrested in $ 36.5M SIM-Swap Heist

This week he saw the number of incidents related to theft in Iran. On Wednesday, a joint venture from the US, UK, and Australia said this Iran’s ambassadors were focusing on key developments. The next day, United States Department of Justice criticized two Iranian men related to the disruption of the 2020 elections. Russia and China may initiate foreign exchange talks, but Iran has been making claims over the past few years.

Is it another country that has been doing surprisingly well with cyber threats lately? Belarus! Since 2019, it has been speculated that the Ghostwriter gang of thugs and swindlers was Russia, because of its tactics and intentions. But Mandiant security company this week revealed this Ghostwriter is a collaborator with the Belarussian military, aimed at interfering with the interests of NATO and its neighbors.

We looked again excellent password modifiers round — and yes, you need one. Android users may also want to check out something new from DuckDuckGo which blocks trackers in applications on your phone. And when it comes to blocking things, NordicTrack has made it harder for its customers to access The “form of God” that allows them to see whatever they want on a big treadmill show – so they’re struggling to share ways to work online.

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In “kids these days” for textbooks, a Canadian teenager was arrested this week for stealing $ 36.5 million worth of cryptocurrencies from a US citizen. That is the greatest theft of its kind. As with many cryptocurrency theft related to youth Recently, the most obvious method was the so-called SIM-switch attack, in which the offender transferred the target phone number to their device, enabling them to retrieve SMS-based two-factor authentication. There is a way protect yourself from SIM-switch, but there is no definite way to stop them; though His Jack Dorsey Twitter account he fell on the road. In this case, researchers say the teenager used his weapons to buy an expensive tag, which is items identified in the SIM-swap category.

Of the many terrorist groups operating in Russia, only a few have suffered as much damage over the years as Evil Corp. According to the FBI, the group destroyed. earned nearly $ 100 million by 2019 it will be robbing hundreds of banks around the world. Like many cybercriminals, they have recently also received a malware program, apparently targeting the National Rifle Association in a recent attack. This week, a BBC correspondent traveled to Moscow and a nearby town to hunt down Evil Corp member Igor Turashev and Maksim Yakubets.

Late last week, thousands of emails came out from the FBI warning that their recipients had been hacked by cyberattack. Instead, it was the only FBI that was tampered with. The thief broke into the agency’s emails, meaning he was able to send fake messages with FBI-authorized headlines. Unfortunately their interest, as told by cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs, was a riot and not a real riot.

In an event commemorating the loss of Cam4 last year, Stripchat’s adult social networking site revealed information about 65 million users, 421,000 brands, and 719,000 social media messages in three days earlier this month. The damage was discovered by a security investigator and appears to have been promptly responded to; it is not known if the perpetrators found out what Stripchat did before defending it. The requirements for this type of site are very high, however, for players and customers, which makes any private appearance a cause for concern.

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