Improved Evolution: The Resistance of Pokémon Growth

Before you go out your home in 1998 Pokémon Red and Blue-the first set of local games that have become the norm, unparalleled limits – you are given the opportunity to connect with the TV. Kudina A Your Game Boy button reads: “There’s a movie on TV. Four guys are walking on the railways. I’d better go too.” This is a reference to Stand by Me, a 1986 film based on Stephen King’s short story about young people going into the woods to find the body of a missing person — and his connection with your upcoming trip makes sense with time.

Stand by Me it was based on passion, not just the 1950s (when this story is happening) but for all young people and its kind of wonderful friends. It is a story that could not be told by the authorities. As adults, we are overburdened with responsibility and self-awareness in order to adapt to the journey of children Stand by Me go ahead. The same goes for most Pokémon games, trips that a 10-year-old can do – train warriors, stop evil, catch everything. These are easy goals and things that age throws at us. Pokemon are not a license for growth as it is with the lenses we see in the world as children, full of games and dreams.

But those who enjoyed Pokémon from its early years grew up. Now there are several generations after them, whether adults or children, experiencing it all for the first time. They are fascinated by the simplicity of the game and the way the game is getting more and more complex, due to megahits like Pokémon Pitani hand games, recent episodes Sword and Shield, interested in what is coming Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and the resumption of the Trading Card Games in the subject matter and the importance of culture. These new players may not have been involved Red and Blue. Their only relationship with Pokémon is here and here.

Both sides of the fandom are large, leaving the intended purpose of the permit in a state of disarray. Is it made for older fans, whose responses to this list are simply from the nose to the desire to move forward? Or is the Pokémon Company’s vision just for the new volunteers, who have yet to discover the distractions that have confirmed Pokémon’s popularity for over twenty and a half years? One of the main drawbacks of the franchise, along with its major drawbacks, is that it has done little to match the fans who have been enjoying it all along. I do not mean this in the sense of expanding his stories. Giving Ash Ketchum, a leader in an anime, a goat, or a sudden filling in the game, is a silly way to attract the attention of seniors.

Instead, Pokémon enjoys the comfort it offers – with each new episode it feels like a soft start to the series. That is why Ash Ketchum will remain forever 10. He is supposed to represent every new child who enters the list for the first time. And the reason – already Arceus was announced – any changes to Pokémon’s game consoles, complexity, or game design have become increasingly common.

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