Brent Spiner New Book By Star Trek Mem-Noir

Brent Spiner played android Lieutenant Commander Data for seven seasons Star Trek: The Next Generation. His new book Fictional Fiction: Mem-Noir Inspired by Real-Life Events tells the fictional story of how Spiner is followed by a favorite in the early days of the show.

“The book is a hybrid,” Spiner states in Section 493 of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “It’s fun, it’s a memoir, really with black jokes, and a book. ”

Fani Fiction it offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of an actor as he carries a mysterious story that sees Spiner fall in love with beautiful twins who may not be shy. “I could have written the book and made it a very different sci-fi show that the actor had worked on for someone with a completely different name, but I don’t think it would be fun,” says Spiner. “It happened 30 years ago, so it was fun to be young again, trying to think like a young person.”

The book has many Spiner’s features Next Generation teammates, including Patrick Stewart, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, and Marina Sirtis, all whose vocals are visible audiobook. “Patrick came to the studio, and we read it together,” says Spiner. “LeVar came in, Dorn came in. Jonathan and Genie were in Maine, so we had to do this by phone. Gates came in too. Marina was in London, so we talked on the phone all the time.”

Spiner’s main goal was to entertain readers, but the book also works with major themes of complexity and emotion. “The two main issues I was struggling with — or trying to deal with — were fear and prejudice, and I think all of them are the same for everyone,” he says. “We’re all scared — it could be and one thing — and the fact that we all crave or respect another person, I think, is commonplace. ”

Listen to the full interview with Brent Spiner in Section 493 of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy (above). And check out some of the highlights below.

Brent Spiner pa Star Trek and philosophy:

“[Star Trek] has grown into a wonderful culture. I don’t know that everyone lives their life based on the teachings of Star Trek, but it certainly does come, because they are all very good, and I think there are a lot of people who get into it. There are a lot of Star Trek items that are really high, especially accepted by everyone & mdsah; no matter how you look or sound or believe, there is acceptance. [Gene Roddenberry]The whole point was that in the future we would celebrate each other’s differences, and it would be really nice, wouldn’t it? And there are people who do that, and I think they are among our healthy people. ”

Brent Spiner on Celebrities:

“It’s very satisfying to put someone in a chair, but it’s best to remove the person from the chair after you put him in. Then I would say don’t overthink. It’s often not real. And I think that being free is the result of playing a person who was accessible to all people without judgment, and it’s very nice. So I don’t think it’s really about me very much. It is as if you were really loving him.

Brent Spiner on Data on Autism:

“[Oliver Sacks] told me years before, but I did not fully agree, as I did not fully understand it at the time. But since the years when I started attending conventions and meeting private individuals, I have had many children come to my table and say, ‘I did it. Asperger is or ‘I’m somewhere in the show,’ and ‘What I find is what I know about television, and it has been very helpful to me.’ If I had known everything, I would have understood at the time, I would have forced the writers to write this, and maybe I would have shot everything, then it is better that I do not understand, because I think it went well. ”

Brent Spiner on view Star Trek:

“We worked 16-hour days, usually 10 months a year. I had read the scriptures, memorized the lines, and then we were in the next section. I think I looked at maybe the first 10, to hear about the show and what was going on, and after that I didn’t feel it was a good time to watch it, because I was already Data 16 hours a day, I didn’t have to spend my time watching what I read before. I knew how it all turned out. I took action last week at Skirball Center here in LA. It’s a museum, and it has a Star Trek history, and they asked me if I could come because they review it. ‘Man’s Weight.’ … I said, ‘I’m glad to come, but I have to be honest and tell you that I have never seen you.’ That’s why I came first and watched the show with everyone, to be a clear speaker. ”

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