16 Black Friday Outdoors Deals (2021): REI, Moosejaw, Backcountry

More about us Outdoor lovers find themselves in a beautiful pickle on Black Friday. There is no such work Less outside than in a hardware store, but you still need it rain jackets, a good layout plan, and running equipment to pass through the winter. If you want to be cooler and cooler on a Friday and go out with friends and relatives – or just plot and plan all the fun you will do in 2022 – these vendors will cover you.

OF THE KING Get up and get out sales continue on November 22, and members can also save up to 20 percent on coded options GEARUP2021. Moosejaw Memorial Memorial Sales is also valid until November 22. If you want to get a larger ticket, Backcountry is offering a 20 percent discount on one item to sign up for. loyalty program.

WIRED’s Early Black Friday Coverage

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Clothing and Electronics Clothing

GoPro Hero10 Black.

Photo: GoPro

GoPro cameras are a great way to record all of your breaking events – yet excellent camera. The new processor in Hero10 speeds up recording time, gets a lot of feedback from the 23.6-megapixel sensor, and adds image stability. Ours every comment has information.

If you are on a slope or on a snowboard upstream and want to make sure people find you if you get lost, you need an inReach Mini. The pocket satellite messenger uses a high-speed, low-flying Iridium network instead of GPS or Glonass satellite network which is sometimes slow or slow. Still choose at the top of our guide Excellent Satellite Service.

REI has a lot of Garmin on sale right now, which is great because Garmin makes some reliable and durable ones. exercise. These are the back watch I wear when you camp out outside the grid because it creates the right distortion — leaving a large, shiny cover to maintain good battery life and its shape.

Before I test Coros Pace 2 (8/10, WIRED Encourages), I would say that the Garmin Forerunner series has the fastest clocks on the floor. They are still very good, and you can find Forerunners at almost any price. The Midrange 245 includes all aspects of corporate performance, as well as features such as realizing what has happened if you stay up too long, fall and fail to get up.

Our final selection of Garmin is Venu Sq, which is in our guide to Best Fitness Trackers is our list of Best Clocks. It combines Garmin’s accuracy with functionality, Fitbit capabilities, and Apple … beauty? Not really, but this is a good price for an entry tracker.

If you are making progress in your career, you need to have a strong education. The Tempo Studio (8/10, WIRED Encourages) is a good and safe way to do that if you are still avoiding public gyms, and are a little more affordable.

Shoe Stores and Clothing

REI Co-op Magma 850 under hoodie.

Photo: REI

The REI in-house line of equipment and clothing is the cheapest on the offer. Waterproof jacket, paired like Magma (Women’s) is one of many movable pieces of camp and travel clothing that you may have. It is also a very thin layer under a waterless shell for most outdoor activities. And there is lightweight version ($ 70) (Bible women here).

If you are shopping for startups, everyone can use some gloves. They work best on their own during running or climbing trips, or under waterproof mittens in winter. They are also for sale on Backcountry.

One of the biggest challenges to enjoying snowmobiles is the lack of proper clothing. A good buffer protects the snow in your underpants, and this includes cushions, hinges to keep the heat out, and the curves of the boot to keep your ankles warm and dry.

This is a sturdy, two-person hammock that carries a small one for two people. We recommend in our guide that gifts to reduce stress. It is for sale on Amazon and Backcountry.

Moosejaw is offering a 20 percent discount on any code value CHEERS through November 22. Both my friend Parker Hall and I and fans Altras have their zero-drop (no difference in height between heel and toe) design, comfortable wide-toe box, and large lugs on its own. There is also Bible for women.

Snow, Camping, and Biking Deals

Solo Stove Bonfire hole.

Photo: REI

Unlike low-cost fire extinguishers that allow coals and smoke to run on your porch, the sleek Solo Stove fire extinguishers make smoke-free, warm and easy to clean. We have not tried this model, but you can read ours Comment on Solo Stove Yukon for more information.

Getting 20 percent off Backcountry on any loyalty program program is a great way to get Benjamin or two off major ticket items. Unlike many snowboards that are widely manufactured in various industries before the company is branded, Capita is made by hand in its place. Mothers, which uses 100 percent clean energy. This is a good moving board, but be careful choose the right size for your height.

The tents of the REI Kingdom are excellent family tents both WIRED co-author Scott Gilbertson and I have tried. It is inexpensive, has vertical walls and head height, and is as flexible and flexible as the Swiss Army Knife.

Pali many other water bottles right now, but we will always have a soft classic, wash-safe dish, and especially wrapped-in Nalgene stickers.

Use the code CHEERS until November 22 to see the discount on exit. Bicycle just makes sense as a daily commuter if you can carry your work computer and groceries one week at a time. I have ortlieb panniers, and author Stephanie Pearson also inspires them in her Best Bicycle Carrying Equipment.

First Sales Friday Friday

Want to browse your own business? Here are a few places to start Black Friday tours. Be sure to check out our details buy guides and gift-giving tips for extra ideas.

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