Problem With Motorola Phones: Software Updates, No NFC, and More

Software updates it is necessary. They reduce bedbugs, in addition device security, launch something new, and it can help you to use your phone for longer. (And the people and hold on their phones for a long time.) What is the difference between color enhancement and security upgrades? Upload translation is when you leave Android 11 to Android 12, so you get new tools on your phone. Security updates are very important and frequent (Motorola tries to release them twice a month); These patches protect your device from the latest threats.

A Motorola spokesman told WIRED: “We know OS updates and security are important, and we are monitoring our processes regularly,” a Motorola spokesman told WIRED. in our history. ”

No one is asking for the phones to be permanently upgraded. But it is unfortunate that the 2020 Motorola phone will not be as secure in 2023 as the Nokia or OnePlus. Both companies have a limited number of subscribers here in the US and sell equally expensive equipment. In terms of brand promotions, Google (like Motorola) says it has been offering updates through the Google Play Store. But upgrading to a new OS can be very important.

“Security changes are essential and must be made [in a timely manner], ”Writes Wenliang Kevin Du in an email. He is a cybersecurity researcher at Syracuse University. “In this type of upgrade, minor security issues are redesigned. Security changes often go hand in hand with software updates, as new security updates often adopt a new version. It is difficult for a company to continue to provide old machine updates.”

People who bought it Moto G Power in 2020, for example, he will no will be able to upgrade their phones to Android 12. They will be missing out on additional features that are needed to protect their data. For example, in a recent version of the operation, when a third-party application asks for control of the device, users may choose to donate actual or approximate location, giving them extra privacy if they just want to share their city or region instead of pointing to their exact location. It is a shame that anyone who bought this Motorola phone just last year I would not take advantage of the secrets.

One hard truth to think of is that most people do not care about security changes. “Motorola / Lenovo understands that their customers are a smaller customer and that as long as they have the right shape, good performance, they can grow – which they have been doing for a quarter of a year,” says Anshel Sag, a. Senior Moor Insights & Strategy specialist. “When you look at how common users do, most users have no trouble setting up their apps – let alone operating machines.”

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