Apple Ultimately Makes It Easy To Repair Your Own iPhone

The right to travel planning has been has become a problem; it is very difficult to fix the equipment you have in the way you have chosen. Government bills from time to time have made the negotiations, even though only one has been passed. A Joe Biden Executive Order is the next Federal Trade Commission vote gave some movement the correction teeth, but it still did not hold many visible results. It’s a steady quagmire – which is why the Apple Self Service Repair app comes in handy.

At the beginning of next year, Apple customers in the US will be able to access repair kits iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 materials. Mac computers are M1 chips will come later, and other countries will have access to the app in 2022. You will also be able to order from a selection of more than 200 components and tools from the new Self Service Repair Store, which covers custom upgrades such as changing the iPhone interface. , battery, and camera. If you submit a portion that was used for a refund, you will receive a loan for the refurbishment purchase.

You can’t overstate how great this is for Apple, the long-term right to fix a boogeyman. The company has done fought laws and regulations each route step, arguing that allowing consumers to repair their own devices could harm them security and security. In the case of pivots, Willy Wonka can also pull out a line of toothpaste.

“Finally,” says Kyle Wiens, cofounder and CEO of iFixit online repair, who claims to have received legal threats from Apple in the past regarding consumer redundancies. “We have been asking them to do this for 18 years.”

Freedom fighters do not see Self Service Repair Store as a complete victory, and a few troubling questions remain about how to use it. If the new system works similarly to the existing Apple Independent Repair Program – which gives other technicians access to equipment, parts, and documentation – you can use the part you purchased from the company to complete it. repair instead, say, a cheap third-party display. The company still recommends that “more customers” prefer to consult a reputable professional. And many of Apple’s features remain complex or impossible to repair; Wiens calls AirPods primarily “discarded.”

However, there is plenty of bright space around you. Apple has assured WIRED that independent retailers will be able to bypass the app instead of signing a complicated IRP agreement, even if they miss out on other things such as reservation. And the company’s announcement indicates that it is planning to incorporate “further refinement” into its design, possibly reorganizing itself. You can already see the smart tips that have been updated recently 2021 MacBook Pro, which in addition to a madoko found a too much replacement battery. It’s the kind of tweak that not only allows consumers to switch to a new component, but to go longer without upgrading their laptop together.

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