What the new covid spread in Europe means – and what it does not mean

“We need a number of options,” said Spector, who runs ZOE Covid courses at King’s College London. “The way we want the prices to be higher is determined by our freedom and freedom from the other laws we had that last year I thought were high, and now this year I think they are not enough.”

Despite this, vaccine prices are a very important factor in explaining the differences between countries such as Croatia and Italy.

Most Eastern European countries have lower immunizations than their neighbors: Croatia is at 46% complete vaccine, for example, while Slovakia is at 43%. (The European average is about 56%.) Non-strikers are increasing the numbers, “said Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, announcing the new closure of his country:”. [daily infection] the interest rate for the uncircumcised is more than 1,700, while for the recipients it is 383. ”

The higher the vaccination rate, the less likely it is to get sick and die — even though the prevalence is high. In the UK 80% of people over the age of 12 have had two doses of covid vaccine, for example.

“The countries that are doing the most are the ones with the most vaccines and the most effective methods,” says Salathé. The worst countries are the ones that have nothing. Many are in the middle. ”

But even if the risk of vaccination is high and the stress of cases is low, it may not be enough to protect them in the long run — especially due to the shortfall in vaccination over time.

“The UK has developed a vaccine program in the past more than most countries, so it has faced the challenge of declining immunity,” said Michael Head, a senior international health researcher at the University of Southampton. “Additions here in the UK are clearly affecting hospital admissions and new cases in the elderly.”

This means that the continuation of the vaccine in humans, and the strengthening of the immune system of the people who received the vaccine at the beginning of the cycle, remains crucial.

“Where we see uncontrollable emergence, we also see the spread of new and exciting new species, and we do not want any other species to be popular and affect the effectiveness of our vaccine,” he says. “In the end, the world will not be free until most people around the world get vaccinated. Combining the uncertainty of the vaccine with the lack of access to the vaccine is a problem for everyone. “

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