Nvidia GeForce Now RTX 3080 Reviews: The Only Way to Get One

Similarly Netflix streaming is not as high as playing 4K HDR Blu-ray at home, downloading games on games like GeForce Now is an experience that requires dedication. The integration of the videos means that sometimes the move is a little muddy, and sometimes there is a distraction, or a second half minute when the game cuts and needs to catch up.

On high-speed connections though – as far as I was able to run at 50Mbps over a Wi-Fi hotel, I would never know – though this was a bit limited. I spent time playing Cyberpunk 2077 and Control, all the games that make the most use of Nvidia ray ray and DLSS which gives the RTX 3080 the opportunity to shine. I was able to play for a long time to forget that I was playing games on the server for miles.

Suffice it to say, although GeForce Now does not change your game right now, that it might be a good option for anyone who does not want to buy or build one. But now we have to deal with the chain reaction problem in the room.

Why You Buy When A Cow Is Borrowed

$ 100 every six months on the RTX 3080 plan comes from $ 17 per month. This means that advertising games from Nvidia’s smart cards in the cloud costs almost the highest cost of Netflix, and you still have to bring your own game. Fortunately, Nvidia allows you to use your existing library from things like Steam or Epic, but not all games are supported. It is important to inquire as soon as you purchase yours at the $ 700 MSRP price.

Other than that, you can’t.

We are confident. Purchasing a large number of flash cards — especially high-quality cards like 3080 — is not just “getting a Turbo Man doll at Christmas”Difficult. For the average person, it is almost impossible. One well-advised strategies finding one also includes chat in Discord servers and YouTube streams dedicated to stock management; setting up camp outside of traders; and buy pre-built PC PCs to save the card. Or you could just bite the bullet with spending about $ 2,000 of one from the sellers.

This is the option on the table, $ 200 a year starts to sound very good. It can take about three and a half years to spend as much on GeForce Now as a real RTX 3080 would ruin having it at its retail price, but only if you get your hands on one. There is also the possibility that during this time, the top GeForce Now teams will find new, more powerful updates.

In short, it is not only easier to borrow RTX 3080 via GeForce Now than to buy yourself – and “easy”, we mean “possible” – you can save money over time.

Well how it works


If you are playing GeForce Now on the free platform, it has several drawbacks. Since the free part of the job can be hard to get quickly received, players have to wait in line to get online, and the game lasts only an hour. The Essentials section, a high level of service, allows players to jump ahead of the free tier user and play on some of the most advanced devices for up to 6 hours.

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