Twitter Blue is for people who love to read stories

You have to find it Twitter Blue? It depends on whether you see yourself as a “power user.” The new platform subscription function, which costs $ 3 per month, comes with a number of requested features: archive tweets, a “calculation method” that removes long threads, and a (sort of) editable button, good for 30 seconds. by sending a tweet. It also comes with free advertising opportunities from a number of media outlets, such as The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and Atlantic Ocean.

Compared to the abundance of third-party apps that offer Twitter brawn-plug-ins that help you automatically delete your tweets or search through your favorite tweets — Twitter Blue is a bit overwhelming. But considering it to be the company that first paid, Twitter has decided to go slow, taking care of a small group of people by giving them what they want.

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Twitter Blue does not remove ads from the user’s feed or make any changes to the tweeting process. But it is part of the company’s plans to change its budget continued advertising and became a place to continue sharing ideas in 280 characters. In January, Twitter acquired the mail company Revue and Breaker, a voice-listening group, to make new offerings around. letter registration and listener chat. In March, it acquired Scroll, a non-advertising reader.

Scroll fans have found a lot of likes on Twitter Blue. It is the exact same function, but cheaper: The roll is $ 5 a month. The Twitter Blue subscription component returns directly to affiliate publishers. Twitter did not disclose the amount but posted in a blog post that “our goal is to help each publisher to get 50 percent more per person than he would have been able to get by giving to that person.”

Photo: Twitter

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