Good VR Will Not Always Be Very Loyal

It can be very exciting to see people World of Warcraft avatars on their bodies at BlizzCon. That’s, like, sci-fi though.

No! Seriously, you can do that.


You just need to follow the body. Let’s see … so new iPhones have a U1 chip, which is straightforward. It has a very direct route, so it knows where you are. Basically, the two things you need to do are follow the body, which we have, as well as me knowing who you are, which may include, a handshake. You can also use, as a bracelet, any type of electronic ID that can be convenient. Or if you really want to be bored, you can use the photo market on the T-shirt.

Like QR code?


I think one of the most exciting ways that AR can come in is to open up sections of people with internet access. Like human avatars in the video game, theirs Fortnite skins.

one hundred percent. It’s fun. I will not name the names, but I have tried VR which made me have a very good avatar. I do not do this when I am, like, Altspace or VR Chat. Mu VR Chat, I always have a butter stick with small, thin legs because it is so beautiful. But in Altspace, I have pink skin and white hair. I look like a robot. [In that other experience] it made me feel uncomfortable looking like a boring kind of myself in clothes that I would never wear in real life. I’ve never been more comfortable in an avatar, and it made me think about how many people would want to express themselves or in what ways, given the real choices, you know?

Choices are the thing. I play a lot of video games and am also fascinated by how the system works Roblox very attractive to the public. I feel like we’ve learned a lot about immersion, that is, in the last five years. How people care about image fidelity, mobility, movement accuracy. What kind of lessons do you feel you have learned or what ideas do you feel were common that were probably changed?

Well, one of the things is that great loyalty is not necessary. In fact, feeling is more important than appearance.

It’s like a conflict between latency and resolution, yeah?

Yes. But I think it goes a little further than that, too. Because headphones are so slow, there is no way to view high quality video in VR, even if you want to. There is no way to close the last small difference. Even with movies, we are about to arrive. When I say this, most of the time, the VR experience is trying to make it look real, difficult and very oppressive. I’m like, maybe removing the roof, having a dolphin in the back or something. Why should I have a roof in VR? It can be a lot about whether world architecture is fun. And I think that’s where Roblox really excels. Roblox has mechanics so people make games on top of it. That’s why it changes to take the game inside Roblox. Minecraft is no exception. It has very strict rules and people should spend a million hours in Minecraft, literally. That’s the least loyalty you can get. And yet I can argue that it is very deep, too.

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