How to Choose a Good Phone Case (2021)

If you constantly stretch your phone’s battery limits, Mophie provides double charges as chargers. Folio bags or wallet, e.g. awa a Pad & Quill for the iPhone, it can tote your phone, along with other requirements, such as your ID and that stamp card you always seem to forget to bring to the egg yogurt place. In addition, Shoman says this can provide excellent protection, as many provide full coverage on the edge and a connecting rod that keeps the phone in its place.

For non-iPhone users, special phone cases can be hard to find. Shoman, who uses Android herself, observes that most mobile phone companies only make iPhones. You can usually get tons of options if you use a Samsung phone, Google Pixel, or even OnePlus phone, but your choices are limited from there. A Shoman agrees to visit a local mobile phone store to create a permanent wallet.

Should You Use a Screen Protector?

Dealers of electronics often carry screens, which are attached directly to the phone’s screen. Our experts recommend investing in glass inserts, which deviate much better than plastic protectors.

Shoman recommends that its customers look for 9H drywall screens. “It’s a very good size, and you still get a good sense of the window,” he says.

But Agrawal and Shoman warn that screen security is limited. Although adhesive slips effectively protect phones from direct contact with the touchscreen, they do not support the phone when touched by a side or corner. A glass heat shield protector should be used in conjunction with the case.

Finding Your Best Case

You will want to choose a color and design that fits your style, but there are a few other things to consider. Think about how the case will feel in your hands. They usually have twisted or special end pieces to encourage grip. Other than that, the best protection does not drop your phone at first. Need a kickstand to place your phone in the area where you are watching the movies? What about MagSafe integration if you have a recent iPhone?

Beware of tight-fitting or loose-cut buttons. The opening of the ports and the lens of the camera should be generous enough so as not to cause any problems when using your phone. Larger, more robust cases can sometimes confuse wireless chargers. If you can’t test the case before you buy, read the reviews online or ask the manufacturer.

Plastic is the material most commonly used for mobile phones, usually polycarbonate, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), or both. But what happens when you raise your phone in a few years? That case may be the amount of plastic waste and they can live easier than you. We begin to see damaged plastic phone buttons, but if you are affected by the impact of plastic on the environment, it may be better to go with other things, such as fixed boards.

Wise Guidance

The experiences our phones give us (receiving the latest information, taking pictures we enjoy, connecting with loved ones) are important to protect. But as the number of phones increases, we put them at greater risk, from things to human error. Agrawal and Shoman emphasize that while lawsuits are a good way to protect your phone from being harmed, no case has been 100 percent fraudulent.

Shoman’s useless advice to mobile phone owners: “Honestly, just cut it short. Keep it in your pocket. Use it when needed.”

Our leaders at Best Case for iPhone 13, Best Case for iPhone 12, Best Case for Samsung Galaxy S21, and Best Pixel Scores it’s a good place to start. Even if you do not have one of these phones, you will find useful tips and advice on some of the best features.

Updated November 2021: We’ve added some water resistance issues, a new section on finding your best problem, and helpful links.

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