Dyson’s V8 Motorhead Origin Stick Vacuum For Sale Now

No one needs a $ 250 vacuum cleaner, but a wireless vacuum makes life easier at home. Fighting electrical wiring that connects to the seats (and feet) gets old quickly, and cheap discounts sometimes make it difficult to properly clean the carpets. That’s why we love it Dyson’s strong and powerful clothing, but they are more expensive. V8 Motorhead is an older brand, however and $ 130 at the sticker price, is a great way to lead a life without cable.

The V8 has been replaced with new staff vacuums, but is much cheaper than the high-end model, $ 500 Dyson V10. The V8 – like all Dyson stickers – turns into a hand-held vacuum at the touch of a button, so you can say it’s like getting two vacuums in one go. It’s usually $ 380 on Target, but the current sale drops to $ 250. Target says the sale ends Saturday.

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Is V8 Motorhead Origin Right For You?

Photo: Dyson

I recommended V8 as the best option for our budget Excellent guide for Dyson Vacuums because I lay on the floor with deep carpets, and it always picked up dirt and crumbs on the first road. Of course, the more expensive and new Dysons have more powerful cars as well high form of dust, but the V8 offers the same functionality for less money.

The V8 Motorhead Origin lasts up to 40 minutes on price, weighs more than five pounds in shade, and has a flexible design. You can remove the main head, powered by a floor cleaner and reinstall including a connecting tool for less space by pressing a button. It also comes with a charger and a dock with a wall so you can hang it on the drywall.

The disadvantage of Motorhead Origin V8 is that only comes with those two straps. It is very useful, but you should hide any others. The input device, for example, is useful for narrow spaces, and the Dyson V8 Motorhead standard includes; you can find them from eBay right now for $ 30 more.

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