LG UltraGear GP9 Review: Silent Games, Bad Noise

Voice commodities it’s often something you can relate to at home theater. It offers a lot of nice sound effects, but a very simple package. It’s an idea that seems like a good bet on computer games, but few companies have tried. LG’s experimentation is very demanding though, but if this is an indication of where the market is, there is a long way to go.

LG’s UltraGear GP9 is a small 20-watt noise, less than 15 inches across. It carries two 20-mm tweets and two 2-inch sofas. It also has a 2,600-mAh battery, which allows it to look like a Bluetooth portable connector. Most importantly, it includes a built-in microphone for chatting with fellow players during the game, which can be a well-known feature of the game.

Anything But Kitchen Sink

On paper, the LG UltraGear GP9 looks like a very good sound. It can connect your computer via USB-C or an audio cable, and changing input is as easy as pressing a button at the top. Next to the buttons, you will find a large volume code that controls the speaker’s internal volume, with a large mute button in the middle. This means that even if you cannot find the program that is making the noise, you can quickly lower the volume.

This is especially helpful when the GP9 is used as a Bluetooth speaker, one of its best features. Since it has a built-in battery, it can be pulled out of the wall. It is very comfortable to know that the audio system I am using on my computer can easily take me to the beach or, especially if I’m honest, get down to board games at night. I usually need a different device, and that’s the main thing when you consider the price. Sure, $ 500 can be a lot for computer speakers, but what about computer speakers and a portable Bluetooth speaker? Well, that’s still a lot. But the cost is very close.

On top of that, the GP9 draws another trick to its hat: It can also be used for social networking. How are you? the world can do that, you ask? White magic is my best idea. The microphone is inside the same soundbar that blows the sound out of your face. This is often the process of creating responses, echoes, and sounds. Yet, the cleverness of your voice and the lack of volume can distort the meaning of your voice.

I tried it and was told by my friends that it sounded good, with no major audio problem, which sounded like a miracle. Being able to interact with your team while listening to game music, all without one tool in your head, is the kind of future stuff that usually sells the device itself.

But unfortunately, that is when the reality of the UltraGear GP9 system returns to the world. Many good ideas like this little musical put one package, it has one function to work the rest. That was when the trouble started.

Competing with the Past

Photo: LG

Nearly two decades ago, I logged into the Micro Center and dropped $ 100 off the 5.1-round Logitech computer talk show. It wasn’t the last resort, even at the time, but it came with five speakers with real, long RCA straps and high bass on which everything connected. I have stopped using the back speakers, and I have not tried to update or modify the system since I bought it.

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