Apple AirPods Review (2021): Buds Are Not Yours

If you put them in your ears, the new AirPod will sound better. But it is annoying how external noise enters when you are outside, which makes everything muddy. Once again, in comparison to the same high-priced models from Jabra, Samsung, and other high-end manufacturers, these are left in the dust. The Samsung Galaxy Buds2Dual drivers sound great, and this costs a little over $ 25.

Good Parts

Photo: Apple

There are some good things about headphones made by Apple. I’m trying not to be a completely wet blanket.

They have a clear distinction between the low and high that I enjoy on AirPods Pro, even though they have a lot of mud in my ears. Microphones are also good, easy enough for Zoom sessions or phone calls.

I also like that Apple has added audio tracking. I don’t think that’s the reason for subscribing to Apple Music, or that it will re-emerge on most music companies, but I think it’s a very good thing on television. Nice to see Netflix in Dolby Atmos on AirPods Max. It’s good that even Apple’s original pages now do this.

I am surprised that they eventually voted for IPX4 for refusing to sweat. I would be reluctant to take part in the gym because of the stress mentioned above and the fit, but you know you can throw it in the sink without ruining it.

Lost in Time

It took six years for the recording team at Apple realize that removing popular jacks and adding a laptop to a laptop was silly. How long will it take them to repair the earmarks that are faulty and too expensive?

I do not know. AirPods remain the best-selling pages in history, and had the same flaws last month. Like previous MacBooks, this is a silly and unnecessary upgrade that many can buy in groups, not knowing that they can get something better from the same company with less money.

If you’re an Apple expert, I could spend another $ 25 on the new Beats. I’ve had it in less than a week – my review is coming – but Fit Pro is set to become my favorite new Apple-made pages. And he has ears!

If you do not want Apple’s intermediate audio or special integration (you don’t need any more, for headphones to work properly), shop around. It’s 2021. No one has to pay $ 175 for plastic bags without earrings, no noise barrier, and two hours less battery than $ 40 negotiated.

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