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When I thought to start giving tarot calculations, to sell them my page it seemed like an easy way out. I’m a writer, and I love to present my reading in a written way – and after I made my page on squarespace, the merger with Stripe took a few minutes to set up. Later I added a lot of things — digital textbooks and study aids that found strength in my growth. Instagram follow-and created a stable business selling these things online.

A few months later, I received a notification from Stripe that my business was violating their rules, because my tarot work seemed to fit in with their entire “magical” group and was therefore seen as a forbidden, “extremely dangerous” business. When I sent them an email again to protect my business, to no avail, I redesigned my payments to work with PayPal and continued to offer services through my website in this limited way.

Then, in early 2020, with the onset of the epidemic and the loss of my personal financing skills, I launched Letter of mail. After carefully reading Stripe’s words and arranging my tarot notes around them, I started with great joy, and I was so happy that people signed up right away to sign up. I was able to run it for a month before receiving the same notice as Stripe, claiming that I had broken their rules. And again, I struggled, this time winning my case and keeping my life certificate. I was relieved, confident that my letter was safe, and I continued to make content on Substack – just experiencing the same problems as Stripe a year later.

I am not alone. Stripe, a professional company founded in 2011, is the only payment platform for popular platforms such as Substack, Teachable, Circle, Ghost, Shopify, Medium, Revue, Memberful, and Clubhouse. Working more than 3 million pages, they are one of the many payment platforms everywhere online — and they are not friendly to people who run imaginary businesses, who, because of “psychic services” labels, are often considered unpaid.

The lack of nuance in these words, combined with the constant misunderstanding of what is really needed is spiritism, has caused many local people and businesses to launch on the platform, often without warning. Books, courses, lectures, courses, interviews, reading, and other activities are very important sources of income for many independent individuals and small business owners, so the failure to pay for these contributions greatly affects our lives. And it is the many metaphysical works that are provided by women, ordinary people, people of the nations, and people with residual knowledge, the law could confuse people who are already in financial trouble.

The occult works to be the term “high risk” is not uncommon. Companies like Etsy and Square it has also made it difficult for metaphysical professionals to use their platforms to sell goods and services. Stripe’s valid policy, according to an e-mail from his support team, states that “these businesses often say things that are not in line with science or archeology, which could lead to high returns. Their ideas are so strong that the company can quit the job immediately and permanently, even if businesses have been operating smoothly for a long time or you have never made a refund for dissatisfied customers.

It is unreasonable for Stripe to seek to protect customers from fraudulent professionals or reputable sellers. But for many, the “magic” labels that try to interpret and classify our businesses are incorrect. Occult practices provide opportunities for meditation, self-awareness, and compassion, which provide a variety of ways to explore truth, spirituality, and knowledge. It gives strength, comfort, and can help people regain strength and purpose in times of danger or fear. Anyone working in these companies is already interested in making sure customers are aware of what they are getting – we no longer want to have unsatisfied customers, or promise things we cannot deliver. The tarot calculations I offer, for example, help my clients look at problems, questions, and experiences through a variety of glasses, providing clarity and new ideas in a safe and secure environment. I have never said I was crazy, and clearly stated that I am no psychic on my page.

“Using words like fortune teller and magical and insults, insults, and discrimination, as well as suspensions, ”said a lawyer and a Wiccan priestess. Phyllis Curott of his difficulties which is Stripe. “The fact that Wiccans, Witches, and countless Gentiles have had the same problem as Stripe begins to sound like nonsense, but as an example of religious discrimination.” Legal questions surrounding metaphysical services are already difficult, and many false years of spirituality and witchcraft makes it increasingly difficult for small private businesses to protect themselves.

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