These tools can change the future of music

Sassoon’s conclusions were the beginning of an exciting project at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where Ducceschi was then a researcher. The Next Generation Sound Synthesis, or NESS, the group had assembled mathematicians, astronomers, and computer scientists to create digital music that could be visualized, using powerful trumpets, guitars, violins, and more.

Sassoon, who works with orchestra and digital music, “trying to break the two,” had been drawn. She became a singer with NESS, touring between Milan and Edinburgh for the next several years.

It was a learning curve. “I can only say that for the first year, I studied only. He was very patient with me, ”says Sassoon. But it did. At the end of 2020, Sassoon was released Variety, a disc made using words he brought with him for a long night stealing from a university lab.

One downside is that very few people will learn to play gym equipment. On the other hand, computers may sound like real musicians — or something quite different.

Computers have been making music for a long time with the advent of computers. “It starts with photos,” says Stefan Bilbao, senior researcher at the NESS project. “So it was really the first kind of technology to happen with a computer.”

But in the clear ears like Sassoon’s, there has been a distinction between computer-generated voices and those produced by musical instruments. One way to reduce these differences is to re-create physics, based on the vibrations created by real tools.

The NESS team did not test specific weapons. Instead, they developed programs that mimic the actual shape of real weapons, following things like air changes in a trumpet as air travels in tubes of inches of varying lengths, smooth flow of guitar strings, or bow collisions. on violin. He also compared the pressure of the air inside the room where the actual instruments were played, up to a square centimeter.

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