10 Video Games to Be Resurrected

When a video the game is a success, a series of many inevitable sequels. With screaming fans wanting more, manufacturers want to bring it. Sometimes the following can make sense, and most of the list stays longer, but some go away soon. We have selected a number of franchises that were suddenly lost despite their success. All of these must be restarted, repaired, or repaired.

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Omen Blood: Cain’s Inheritance

Photo: Square Enix

This bloody Gothic vampire series was a hit on the original PlayStation. Omen Blood: Cain’s Inheritance and sequel Cain’s Inheritance: Soul Reaver they were spectacular world-class games involving a variety of genres, including entertaining characters as well as a fascinating black story with charms and battles. Three other good names followed, but they failed to match what they were led by. Almost 20 years have passed since those issues were finally addressed, and it is too late for the resurrection to take place.

Twisted Iron

Photo: SingleTrac

Who can deny the madness of a car race where a muscle car can face a semi, a motorcycle, and an ice cream truck, all with deadly weapons? The amazing designer Calypso was the one who led the last car-breaking team with amazing drivers. Interesting the end of the live video in the original is unusual, but the game is worth reviving. Twisting Metal: Black on PlayStation 2 devised a way to fight street fighting with the right and clear combat that was woven to give the characters a deeper experience. There were a number of games eliminated before the resumption of the PS3 in 2012, but none since.

No One Lives Forever

Photo: Monolith

Sometimes designs, skills, codes, and words come together to create a lasting art. Such was the case with Monolith’s spy caper, who was the first person, Surgery: No One Lives Forever (NOLF). It had an interesting story, lots of fun weapons and armor, a well-known female character, and a lot of criminals. There is no modern parallel. As a result No One Lives Forever 2: Spy in the HARM Way he was equally smart, but a prequel Alliance JACK? Not so much. Unfortunately, the series has not attracted the right audience and has been struggling in the legal limbo, which means you can no longer afford to buy.

Jet Set Radio

Photo: SEGA

A spectacular game that introduced cel shading, Jet Set Radio it was a revelation when it arrived in 2000. Playing as a group of sloping drummers whose purpose is to record everything with graffiti, including rivals, had the power to challenge authority and clear music. However, the real skill was the joy of jumping and grinding around the city stadiums so fast. That’s right Jet Set Radio Future, released in 2002, was one of my favorite games on the first Xbox, but sales were limited. Unfortunately, Sega has never been a greenlit game in the series, but you can feel its influence in roles like Sunset Overdrive.

Dungeon Keeper

Photo: EA

Awesome original and very interesting, Dungeon Keeper turned the meeting over in his head, and made you an evil master of a world full of friends and beasts. The problem was to chase after heroes who wanted to plunder your ill-gotten gains. It was a special kind of smart game, management sim, and black jokes. The first was Peter Molyneux’s final game against Bullfrog, but the next one was a good one and a good one. EA banned the third game, removing the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings game. These issues need to be addressed. (I refuse to recognize the type of dangerous phones that rob money.) Dungeon Keeper has affected many sports over the years, from Minecraft to the Dungeons series.

Unreal Tournament

Photo: Epic Games

Boasting a shooting at the first person, Unreal Tournament it was a high octane habit for me. The tools and equipment allowed in the various games (the flak case was good), were shiny, and the design was still very successful. The idea of ​​a battle against galaxies to death in purpose-built circles gave developers the opportunity to create the best maps the nation has ever seen. I still hurt my family every time I win any games by saying, “I’m Alpha and Omega!” in the words of Xan Kriegor. There were several positive results, and the resume was announced in 2014 to be made by Real fighters and a large group of modders. You can play for free, but it was not completed, since Epic was slightly distorted Fortnite.

silent Hill

Photo: Konami

Awesome phenomena, atmospheric, and imaginative, silent Hill he took a very dangerous game and released a series that went deep into the mind. The first three games were really good, and I liked the new fourth game (Room), but it was downhill later, including a frustrating HD remaster of part 2 and 3. What’s the most painful thing about the lack of silent Hill reboot is that we have a PT (playable teaser) showing where the list goes. Hideo Kojima built in Guillermo del Toro and appointed Norman Reedus as the protagonist of. Silent Hills, but it was resolved when he argued with Konami, and the three made up their minds Rising Death on the contrary.

Photo of GoldenEye 007

Photo: Nintendo

The James Bond state has had an impact on countless games, but legally-tested experiments do not meet the expectations, except for Rare. Photo of GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64. Easily the best shooter in most games at the time, and for a while after that, Photo of GoldenEye 007 they also had a strong one-player campaign that allows for secret or military means. The right to issue licenses has been difficult for Bond, so we did not receive a reminder. The 2010 revision of Activision was positive but very different, as well as frustratingly disappointing 007 Myth it’s the only Bond game we’ve ever had since. The story that One 3 manufacturer IO Interactive is working Program 007 it’s very fun, but it’s a long way off.


Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

One of the best real-time games of all time, Blizzard Starcraft it was a fierce battle for supremacy, prompting humans to fight against all odds. The follow-up took more than a decade but was worth the wait, and a steady increase followed. The articles also published books and board games. There was a very good reminder of the original in 2017 with high-quality and sound images, so maybe it’s greedy to want more, but Blizzard’s idea of ​​officially ending development. Starcraft 2 not to mention a Starcraft 3 raises serious doubts that this permit could be left to die.

Project Gotham racing

Image: Microsoft

Filled with the necessary cars and beautiful (at the time) urban squares, Project Gotham racing was on the Xbox what Tourism and PlayStation. But PGR He was always unmoved by the realities and fun to play, and the Kudos points system awarded the prize for driving skills and driving well. The second game was my favorite, since it had a map of Edinburgh, my hometown at the time. Frankly, the list started with Metropolis Street Racer on the Dreamcast, but became a big part of the Xbox. The vacancy left seems to be filled with Power series, so restarting is almost impossible.

This Game Was Raised … Kinda

Return 4 Blood

Photo: Turtle Rock

It is always possible for the game series to be quiet and not over. The hope that old roles will one day be revived to last forever for fans. Recent remasters of Earthquake, Mass Effect, Command and Conquest, Alan Wake, and so on Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s Time and Ghosts n ‘Goblins: Resurrection confirms that it can happen. We can’t find it Half Heart 3, but the real facts are distorted Half Heart: Alyx it was good. The Broken Sword the list was revived by Kickstarter. Then there are spiritual heirs, such as Turtle Rock’s Return 4 Blood, which sounds like part of Left 4 Dead list.

Here are some of the games I remembered until I heard something new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which would be at the top of the list. But after work on the ports of the original is its consequences, Aspyr is making a complete overhaul of PS5 and PC, even with the early days and there are there is no release date. A Dead Space remake is also in the works, as a Myth reboot, and both Home Country 3 and Skate 4 it is in the horizon. There are also opportunities for new discoveries Timesplitters games, according to some of the founders who have changed the Free Radical Design game studio.

Sometimes Death Is Better

Critics may say that one list is better if it is left out. It is easy to tarnish the memory of the true past by restarting or restarting a sequence of steps. There are polarizing products like Shenu 3 and Star Fox Zero, and so on. All my hope for a Speedball 2 reorganizing, remodeling, or restarting a proper name has been successfully crushed by many frustrating attempts.

Some writings have aged badly, as confirmed by Duke Nukem Forever, Fun Larry: Re-released, and Double Dragon Neon. The 2013 SimCity restarting was not a bad game, but the launch was a digital disaster (DRM) disaster, just as EA’s microtransaction dispute was covered Star Wars Battlefront II. And if you stay away from the source, things can get worse. Just ask Bomberman: Zero Act. I know what’s wrong Dungeon Keeper The game is probably here, but I’m not ready to give up hope that we’ll get off to a good start one day.

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