Google Review Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro: Return of the Camera King

The stereo speakers are on the side of the screen, and although they don’t sound as heavy as the iPhone 13 Pro drivers, they still look good and loud. Like most high-end smartphones, there is no headphone jack, MicroSD card slot, or told the adapter in the box, but there are wireless charging, wireless charging, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and water resistance. All antiquities are here.

I am happy to say that the day-to-day operation of the Tensor chip is excellent. I have never seen any decrease or stuttering in and out of programs, and if it helps with interpretation, the test test just puts it back a bit. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Samsung.

I was just against the most difficult game I could think of, Genshin Impact. I had to give up the artwork in order to play at 60 frames per second (between 30 fps). The IPhone 13 Pro Max had a problem with the same theme and also had to struggle with the settings, but Apple’s latest phone is much more powerful than the Pixel, and the game wasn’t e.g. pick. Many of the games I tried, such as Pokémon Unite, Hyperburner, and The Author of the Dead 2, all went well on Pixels.

I only have a few gripes. Most importantly, the fingerprint scanner: The physical, rear and rear-view camera, and biometric authentication are powered by a fingerprint sensor mounted on a screen. It’s not really good. Sometimes it opens on the first try, but most of the time you have to hold your finger twice. Also I haven’t noticed anything on Twitter in particular, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Usually, the phone works very well.

Then there is the OLED screen. It is read outdoors, but it is not heard e.g. bright as a competitive race, so you can find yourself blowing in the heat of the day. Also, the Pixel 6 is 6.4 inches and the Pixel 6 Pro is 6.7 inches, but it feels the same because the latter has fewer bezels and curved glass, enlarging the retail space. All is well if you like big phones, but it would be nice to have a much smaller Pixel.

Hot Pix

Google phones always take the best pictures. But the devices haven’t changed much over the years, and allow competitors to move ahead in Pixel depending on the type of graphics. Things will be different now as the Pixel camera has changed dramatically. The new model features a large 50-megapixel camera with a large sensor connected to a 12-megapixel ultrawide. The Pro enhances its 4X optical zoom telephoto with a three-dimensional camera and image stabilization on all of its lenses.

I have taken more than 300 photos in the last two weeks and tried to compare the images of the two Pixels against their predecessors and rivals such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s hard to say that Pixels are a good phones grow around, just because they compete with the iPhone 13 Pro at that high level. There were times when the iPhone pulled forward and there were times when the Pixel came out on top.

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