The troubled future of Y: The Last Man ”

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It may be strange to look at this as Dulu– switch to the main manuals for the director Denis first name has been working since he was a teenager – he shows up at the theater, but I can’t stop thinking about the sudden end A: The Last Man. Not the end – which will not come down until November 1 – but the fact that the same series ends. FX on Hulu has just announced that the show is not being held for the second season, and if there is any sadness and poetry at the end of the show, I don’t know what it is.

The story of A: The Last Man goes back to the movies of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, which Vertigo published from 2002 to 2008. Back then, the series was the most spectacular in the world when every animal with chromosome Y dies miraculously, leaving about half of Earth’s population to pick up fragments. When it was rolled up, there was already a video change in the works. This, however, would not happen, and by 2014 the freedom of the list was restored to Vaughan. FX picked them up in 2015 and 2019 he ordered I AM to list. That same year, the network was split with original viewers and eventually brought in Eliza Clark taking responsibility. Still, his problems did not end there. In early 2020 Yorick’s position was changed, with Ben Schnetzer taking the lead. Covid-19 then shut down production and the network moved from FX online network to FX for Hulu printing work.

Finally, after all these delays, the show was launched in September. He wasn’t a critic, but he was strong — and he was determined to do it fix blind spots around the gender that the original jokes had. But now, before it even finishes its first season, it has been suspended.

That Word I AM no set time for the second season began to spread over the weekend, with Clark taking to Twitter to express his frustration but promising to take the show elsewhere, if possible. “We know someone will have the opportunity to be part of this group as well,” Clark wrote. “I have never seen such an amazing association of so many talented people. We are committed to finding I AM and his next house. ”Amber Tamblyn, who plays Kimberly Campbell Cunningham on the list, also sent a helpful note to the show and expressed hope for another season.

FX he says decided not to continue with the show because its plans to expand the contracts of some of the most vulnerable were about to expire, and executives did not want to release millions to increase it. Time is running out. I AM did not seem to have much time, and in the end, it seems to have gotten worse.

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